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Rise – Invest like a Billionaire

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Who is Rise?

Beginning in 2012, is a company based out of Grunwald, Germany which specializes in software-development.  They are successful in the development, and implementation of various investment algorithms which have proven to beat market standards for over 5 years running.

What is the problem?

Many of the best investment opportunities are restricted to wealthy individuals.  Often, this includes those that can afford to invest $150,000 and up.

In addition to this, many simply don’t have access to the newest AI driven algorithms.  This means that their potential returns are not the best that they could be.

Finally, it can be difficult to diversify revenue streams.  Over exposure to one means of investment can result in susceptibility to market peaks and valleys.  By gaining exposure to varying streams of revenue, investors can rely upon more consistent returns.

How will Rise solve it?

Rise is looking to solve each of these issues through the issuance of their own security token.  Capital raised through the distribution of this token are what will provide the initial fund for investment with their very own algorithm.  In doing so, Rise is essentially democratizing investing, as those interested are no longer required to be ‘big’ players.  A tokenized fund is open to investors small and large.

In addition to token holders receiving dividends through their invested funds, these dividends will be boosted through licensures.  Rise will be licencing their software to third-party companies.  A portion of the compensation received will then supplement the main investment fund.  In doing so, token holders will see dividend boosts, as their percentage holding is now part of a greater fund.

If that isn’t appealing enough, token holders will also have the ability to invest their holdings in a crypto-fund.  These funds utilize the RISE tokens as collateral, while investing in traditional assets such as gold, oil etc.  Since their tokens are simply held as collateral, they are not required to actually sell their tokens.  They are essentially staking their holdings for even more returns.

It is through this multi-pronged approach that Rise looks to garner the attention of investors.  By utilizing multiple avenues to create revenue, shareholders can expect not only more consistent dividends, but greater ones as well.

Token holders will be able to maintain oversight of their holdings through an intuitive mobile app.
Overall, Rise has a vision of continually developing the market’s most intuitive AI based algorithms.  Furthermore, they want to level to playing field for investors of every ilk.


While the team at is expansive, here are a few of the team leaders.  The following few boast resumes touting company sales in excess of $200 million, alongside decades of experience within the tech sector.

Stefan Tittel – CEO

Michael Morsch –CFO

Robert Gold – CTO

Victor Bremor – CIO

Whats next?

The next big step for is right around the corner.  As of writing, the company’s upcoming STO is a mere 12 days away.  During this month long sale, the company will be selling up to 170,000,000 RISE tokens with a hard cap of $150,000,000 USD.  As with many token sales, there are several levels of discounts for those that purchase early.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.

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