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Fineco Bank Review – Is it Legit? (May 2023)

Thousand of Stocks and Other Assets to Choose From

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Fees: From $3.95 per trade

Best For: Proprietary Trading Platform

Fineco Bank is an Italian bank and broker based in Italy and regulated in Europe by the banking regulatory authority CONSOB in Italy, and the FCA in the UK. They have been around since 1999 and are now a popular choice for those trading forex and other assets in both Italy, and the UK.

At present they are only available to traders in these two nations, but they will likely look to expand on their growing popularity in the future. Here we will closely examine the key aspects of Fineco Bank and highlight some of the reasons why it may be an ideal trading broker choice for you.


  • Competitive trading fees
  • Thousands of assets to choose from
  • Easy to use trading platform
  • No inactivity fee


  • Available in UK & Italy only
  • ETF fees are quite high



Naturally, this is a key area for Fineco Bank and any other financial institution including forex trading, and stock brokers. You want to be sure your funds are in the most secure place and that the broker you use operates with total transparency.

With Fineco bank, there are many factors working in its favor. Not least of these is the longstanding reputation of the bank. While they have not been around for hundreds of years like some, they have still managed a credible run of more than two decades to date. They are also regulated by some of the most stringent financial bodies in Europe who accept no less than full compliance.

Furthermore, the bank has in place some investor protection insurance for which you automatically qualify as a trader with no additional costs. This coverage ensures that in the event of financial problems, your holdings are insured for up to €100,000 in cash, and €20,000 in securities. Fineco bank is also a listed entity trading on the Italian stock exchange and makes up part of the major STOXX Europe 600 index.

Investment Products


When it comes to trading, Fineco Bank offers a very extensive range of assets and different product types for you to choose from. Not only can you choose to invest in thousands of different stocks from major exchanges across the world, but you can also try your hand at forex trading with more than 50 currency pairs available. Beyond this, you will find ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and trading CFDs and other derivatives like futures and options.

With trading offered in the UK and Italy, the product offerings can differ slightly. Still, a broad range of assets are on offer, and though the selection of assets may be a little lighter than some other major competitors, with no crypto assets to choose from, you can still expect to find something to suit the trading needs of everyone at Fineco Bank.

Commissions & Fees


The fees and commissions at Fineco Bank are kept at competitively low levels across the board. Trade on thousands of securities from major markets across the world with transparent pricing and some of the lowest commissions and spreads in the UK.

CFDs are also competitive:

Trading Platform


The trading platform as Fineco Bank is available as a web-based platform, on mobile, or as a desktop trading platform. The most widely used variant is the web-based trading platform which is very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and efficient in operation with an excellent search function you can use to find the particular assets you wish to trade quickly. It is also visually appealing though it lacks customizability for your charts and layout.

On mobile, the broker also provides another proprietary platform that has an excellent, lightweight feel on your device, yet lacks none of the power and features of the web-based trading platform when it comes to function.

A desktop trading platform is offered but this is clunky and cumbersome to use. Visually it also appears to be outdated with most traders prefer to use the web or mobile trading platforms at Fineco and other brokers alike.

Customer Support


At Fineco as you would expect, there are several ways to contact the support team. These include telephone contact, email, and a live chat service which is featured on their website. All of these methods are efficient and professional working to provide quality information and answers to any of your trading questions as fast as possible.



Fineco Bank does have an education section though it is kept relatively basic with just some simple video tutorials and guides about the broker, platform, and trading in general. They also feature a range of articles you can look at for further development or if you run into any issues, as well as some dedicated webinars you can attend.

The education section is light compared to some other brokers so if you are brand new to the industry or trading, you may wish to consult with some other materials to supplement your development beyond what is on offer here.



Overall, Fineco is a well-developed and experienced broker in the industry that you can certainly trust. They do well in a number of areas to keep costs as low as possible both on the trading, and non-trading side. Their web-based trading platform is also excellent.

Therefore, if you are a trader based in any of the areas where Fineco Bank provides service, they are certainly worth strong consideration as they continue to grow within the industry.

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