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Polkadot is About to See the Launch Final Fantasy NFTs




Polkadot is About to See the Launch Final Fantasy NFTs

It has been a year and a half since non-fungible tokens exploded throughout the crypto industry and also far beyond it. The promise of NFTs has led to countless projects and even more collections, and at the same time, NFT adoption became a major hit among non-crypto companies, as well. Now, another one is joining the ranks of NFT supporters — a video game company Square Enix.

According to recent reports, Square Enix has decided to launch Final Fantasy NFTs, and it will do it in partnership with blockchain project Enjin. The NFTs are expected to launch on Polkadot’s network and bring one of the most successful gaming series in history to its fans in a brand new form.

Square Enix and Enjin team-up

It is worth noting that this will be a rather unique deal, as the NFTs will not be purely digital products. They will be tied to trading cards and action figures based on Final Fantasy VII, and Square Enix decided to launch them as a way to commemorate the game, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Japan-based game published decided that it will first release physical trading cards, which are supposed to come out next spring, in 2023. The cards will come out in packs, with each pack carrying six cards and selling for $4. Each pack will also have a unique code that will allow players to redeem NFTs minted by Enjin’s Efinity platform on Polkadot.

After that, in November 2023, limited edition action figures of Cloud Strife are also set to come out. Fans will be able to own both the standard figure, as well as Digital Plus Edition, and each will come with a unique code that will allow the buyers to redeem their own NFTs. Being able to redeem an NFT will prove to the buyers that the figures are authentic, and being able to show off the redeem will prove ownership of the figure. Another thing to note is that the Digital Plus Edition will also come out with a secondary, additional NF — a digital replica of the action figure.

According to the project’s plans, the standard figure will come at a price of $130 per piece, while the Digital Plus Edition will be slightly more expensive, coming at a price of $160.

Square Enix takes the next step with the blockchain

This is not the first time that Square Enix has shown interest in blockchain technology and its products. In fact, it is not even the first time that it collaborates with Enjin. The two have first partnered up a few years back when Enjin hosted websites for online guilds that wanted to play FF XIV. Now, Square Enix is ready to take the next step. Meanwhile, its Final Fantasy series has seen massive success over the years and even decades.

Since the launch of the first game in 1987, the series has sold over 168 million copies around the world. The gaming company then researched all kinds of blockchains, eventually deciding to use Polkadot and Enjin, which runs a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem, deciding that this is the platform that can meet gamers’ needs.

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