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OpenFinance Brings Support State-side for Third Party Digital Securities

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Third-Party Assets

OpenFinance has expanded their support for the trading of third-party digital securities on their platform. OpenFinance has supported this feature for a while now, in Europe, and is now bringing the service to the United States.

The reasoning for this timing is due to the holding periods enforced on digital securities. Upon being sold to accredited investors, digital securities must be ‘locked-up’ for a certain time frame. Two assets, SPiCE Token and BCAP, have been released from ‘lock-down’, now making them eligible. These two assets mark the first of a variety that will soon become available, as well.

This maturation of listed assets found on their platform is important for OpenFinance. Many are drawn towards digital securities due to the promise of increased liquidity in their investments. With various assets now being freely traded, this promise will be realized, as the assets can now be traded among a much larger pool of investors.

This development is just one of many on their way to eventually becoming more than just a trading platform for digital securities. The goal is to, not only offer these services, but to facilitate STOs as well.

These endeavours are made possible through OpenFinance’s various designations bestowed upon them by regulatory bodies. OpenFinance worked hard in cooperating with the powers that be, to become the first ‘U.S.-regulated secondary market trading platform for digital alternative assets’.


In making this announcement, Juan Hernandez, CEO of OpenFinance, took the time to comment. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

“Designed to act much like a traditional trading platform, Openfinance provides a broad set of third-party digital securities to investors – offering enhanced versatility and added liquidity to all of its users, which will soon include U.S. Investors along with our already active global users…The ability for U.S. Investors to trade these digital assets and access liquidity marks a significant next step in the evolution of the digital securities market. We look forward to introducing additional trading opportunities in the near future as our platform expands.”

He continued,

“While alternative assets have traditionally been available to a small subset of eligible investors, Openfinance is democratizing the space and making these opportunities available to a broader universe.” 


OpenFinance is a United States based company, which was launched in 2017. Above all, OpenFinance works to develop solutions for the digital securities sector, through the implementation of blockchain technologies.

Company operations are overseen by CEO, Juan Hernandez. We had the privilege of interviewing Juan Hernandez recently.

Interview Series – Juan Hernandez, CEO and Founder of OpenFinance

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