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On the hunt for a job? The SEC is hiring.

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SEC says ‘We’re Hiring’

In a recently posted job search, the SEC has indicated that it is actively looking for help. Specifically, the SEC is looking to hire a ‘Crypto Specialist’.  More specifically, this person will take part in the formulation of regulatory framework being developed to better govern digital assets.

This posting, only taking place now, underscores the snail-like pace that the SEC seems to work at. With the ICO craze beginning years ago, it is only now that they are looking for specialists to help develop their stance on the industry.

The Finer Points

For those qualified, and find themselves interested in the position, the SEC has provided finer points pertaining to the position.

The successful applicant will work on a permanent full-time basis, out of Washington, DC. Compensation ranges between $144,850 USD to $238,787 USD.

Naturally, a position as lucrative as this comes with a plethora of needed experience and qualifications. For a full look at what is required, check out the job listing HERE.

Past Action

This move is not the first action that the SEC has taken pertaining to the crypto industry. In recent months we have seen the prosecution of various companies. Interestingly, the SEC has shown, as of late, a willingness to overlook past transgressions of offending companies.

Perhaps they have accepted the cries of many, stating a lack a clarity in provided regulations enforced upon securities. Perhaps that is why they are showing a willingness to forgive, and grow through newly created positions.

Figure Heads

The successful applicant of the posting discussed here today would join a team of individuals boasting multiple that have become figure heads within the industry.

Jay Clayton

  • Acting as the Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton has often been painted as a villain within crypto circles. He has, at multiple points, taken a firm stance against various practices within the nascent industry. His stances, and position as the face of the SEC, result in much of the disdain towards the agency being directed towards him – warranted or not.

Hester Peirce

  • In the eyes of crypto enthusiasts, Hester Peirce is everything that Jay Clayton is not. Acting as a Commissioner within the agency, Hester Peirce is often referred to as ‘crypto-mom’. This moniker was given to her after she publically dissented from the SEC’s decision to deny a previous ETF application. In her letter of dissent, she outlined her views on technological progress, and the role that the SEC should play in the process.


The Securities and Exchange Commission is a government run entity, tasked with ensuring fair business practices within investing throughout the United States. Pertaining to crypto, this involves overseeing and governing the issuance of securities.

The SEC was founded as a result of the events which led to the Great Depression in 1929. The goal was simple – create and enforce an environment for investors that ensures fair practice and security for all.