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Oasis Network: Last Chance to Submit a Project for the Platform’s Game Challenge



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Hackathons are a great way for new developers to get spotted and receive support, and the Grants Round 14 (GR14) hackathon is no exception. This time, Oasis Network offered participants to join its “The Big Mini Game” challenge and create and submit a mini-game with on-chain features, like a native token or NFTs. The games are supposed to be fun and addictive, such as major hits like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Temple Runner, and alike.

The project expects the developers to launch the game, or at least have it ready to launch within 3 months after the Hackathon ends. Also, if the game features an in-game token, it can be Oasis’ ROSE or a brand new token launched by the devs themselves.

However, the time to submit an application is coming to a close, with Wednesday, June 29th, being the final day to do so. In other words, aspiring developers have two more days to join up. The reward for the winner of the contest is quite attractive too — $20,000 in USDT.

So far, the project has already received several promising submissions, but it keeps insisting that it is never too late for new applications.

What are the requirements?

According to Oasis Network’s announcement, there are certain requirements for applying for the contest. The application needs to contain a demo video that is no longer than 2 minutes. The game itself must be built on Oasis Emerald, the EVM Compatible Paratime. Next, the game must be launched or ready to launch within 3 months after the project wins the Hackathon.

The project also needs to have a complete team that is willing to commit to the project long-term. If the project only has a solo developer/founder, they need to be ready and able to put together a team who will work on completing the game. Next, a pitch deck and/or description of the game is also necessary, including an explanation of what makes the game fun and unique, and how it will be developed into a full version after the Hackathon ends.

The game needs a working demo link that will prompt the Metamask wallet to be connected to the Emerald mainnet. The game itself needs to work end-to-end on the Oasis Emerald mainnet. Developers also need to provide access to the working game’s code repository, such as Github, for Oasis Network’s engineers to be able to review the code quality. In other words, the code needs to be public, ideally. And, lastly, the submission form needs to be submitted by June 29th, 2022 at 11.59 PM (UTC).

With these requirements fulfilled, two judges — Marvin Mobio and Nick Hynes — will review the submissions, and decide on the winner. The judging criteria will include technological implementation and quality, design and user experience, potential impact, submitter, and originality. After the winner is decided, the payout will take place 9 days after the end of the submission period.

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