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Securities Startup, DESICO, Announces EU-Compliant Security Token Offering




While the ICO market often looks like a Las Vegas casino rather than an intelligent investment decision, there are some projects, like DESICO, with its Security Token Offering (STO), that aim to both protect its investors as well as providing value to the crypto-space as a whole. 

In its major announcement today, tokenized securities startup, DESICO, has outlined the plan to offer its STO, introducing its native DESI tokens.

Welcome to a Secure, Compliant Ecosystem

Over the past few months, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has opened the regulatory doors to addressing this space, making it that much more important for companies to adhere to the current regulations in place.

By raising money via the securities sale ourselves, we are showcasing that our platform to issue and trade security tokens is legally compliant and easy to use. This will demonstrate to our clients how to issue their security tokens in the future.” – Laimonas Noreika, CEO of DESICO.

DESICO, operating in both Paris, France and Vilnius, Lithuania under Lithuanian crowdfunding regulations, is offering a platform that allows for the issuance and active trading of tokenized securities that is in compliance with European Union (EU) member state law.

Born out of the collaborations with Lithuanian regulators, the company’s choice of its location is extremely strategic. DESICO’s business model of issuing and trading tonekized securities has already been endorsed by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Regulated Tokenized Securities For Retail, Accredited, and Institutional Investors

By announcing its support in complying with EU member state law, DESICO will help to provide a safe and legally compliant solution for STO investments, something unheard of until now. While there are a number of legally compliant STOs in the market, the biggest advantage DESICO brings, is that it is one of very few made accessible to retail investors.

Pursuant to current laws, only U.S. investors are required to be accredited. However, DESICO allows U.S. companies to add the additional $5.75 million USD from non-US retail investors to their security offering.

While most platforms are limiting access to institutional and accredited investors, DESICO creates an opportunity for projects to access said amount per year from Main Street investors.

Breaking Down the System

The total nominal value of DESICO security tokens emission is set at $44,361,793. Due to the laws applicable to STOs issued in Lithuania, the numerical scale of publicly available tokens for retail investors during the DESICO STO is set at $5,750,000 during the period of November 7th 2018 to November 7th 2019.

The remainder of tokens will be offered to institutional investors at nominal price, while providing a lower price to retail investors. DESICO guarantees that all investors will have the same rights when acquiring DESI tokens.

The DESICO security token offering will be divided into two stages:

  • November 7th – November 16th 2018: The DESI security token pre-sale. $1,000,000 hard cap. Discount offered to all investors – 15%.
  • January 14th – January 25th 2019: The DESI security token crowdsale.Remainder of the tokens will be offered to investors with hard cap of $5,750,000.

The DESI security token will be classified as a Revenue Participation Note (RPN), with quarterly payouts to investors. This type of security token does not constitute as ownership of DESICO. Instead, token owners will receive 12.5% of the total revenue created by DESICO. The total number of DESI security tokens represents a revenue share of 12.5% of DESICO’s total revenue. The number of tokens held by the investor determines how much of that 12.5% of revenue is paid out to the token holder.

The DESI security token price per-token:

  • Pre Sale – $0.98
  • Crowdsale Part 1 – $1.07
  • Crowdsale Part 2 – $1.09
  • Hard Cap Price – $1.15

The minimum investment for retail investors will be $230. Accredited investors will have a minimum investment requirement of $143,750 with no cap on their maximum investment.

DESICO will operate under a joint venture with crowdfunding, brokerage, and e-money license holders. There will be no cap on revenue payouts for token holders.

All investors will have to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures in order to acquire DESI security tokens.

Contact DESICO

For more information about DESICO and its platform, please visit their websiteYou can also email them at hello@desico.ioand visit their social media pages:

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KoreConX partners with SME Brokers





It was announced recently by KoreConX that they have partnered with and Australian start-up, known as SME Brokers.

This partnership entails SME Brokers exclusively using the platform offered by KoreConX.  In doing so, they will bring the benefits made possible through digital securities to their network of enterprises.  With a portfolio of over 60,000 SMEs worldwide, their reach is far extending.  Each of these companies will now have the ability to issue their own security tokens with ease.

This platform, offered by KoreConX, utilizes their very own security token protocol.  These are known as KoreTokens.  These KoreTokens incorporate AI to self-govern.  This means that these tokens will always remain compliant to regulations throughout their lifecycle.

It is this type of flexibility afforded through KoreTokens and the KoreConX platform that attracted SME Broker.  With KoreConX currently undergoing their very own STO, and utilizing the KoreToken for the process, they should be well set to make their mark in the industry.


Undergoing a recent expansion, SME Brokers now find themselves with operations on both Wall Street, and in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The team at KoreConX describes themselves as a utility knife.  Their developed platform is diverse in its functionality. Through it, they are able to provide any needed assistance to a company throughout their growth cycle.

In recent weeks, KoreConX has announced similar partnerships with both Evoke Capital, and BlockchainAgility.  Those that have come on board to utilize the KoreConX platform are part of what they call the ‘KorePartner Ecosystem’.

Commenting on the SME Broker integration was KoreConX CEO, Oscar Jofre.  He stated, “As a global platform, it is important for us to demonstrate we have KorePartners who understands our business and supports it 100%.  SME Brokers is just that partner for us at KoreConX. They understand small and medium-sized companies and see the changes in the global marketplace…This is why they support our security token protocol and platform exclusively in Australia, and we are thrilled to have them part of our family of KorePartners.”

With the developing of their KoreToken, KoreConX has broken the mold of utilizing ERC-20.  In recent weeks they have spoken out on their protocol.  They believe it will better serve not only companies like SME Broker, but the industry as a whole.

SME Brokers

Through its access to various forms of management and development programs, SME Brokers is able to aid the growth of their network of SMEs.  Now, with this partnership, their toolbox for helping companies grow has grown even larger.

SME Brokers’ managing director, Michel Aliphon, spoke on the use of the KoreConX platform.  He stated, “We always strive to provide the best solutions to our clients. We can rest assured knowing that KoreConX developed a security token protocol and an all-in-one platform that is mainly focused on compliance and follows the regulations in multiple jurisdictions.”

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Vertalo Partners With Securrency, Integrating Protocols Into Platform





Vertalo and Securrency have announced a new partnership.  This will see Vertalo integrate token protocols developed by Securrency onto their platform.

This platform integration will allow for Securrency to benefit from the cap table services, compliance oversight, and other offerings by Vertalo.

One such offering will be open to those that issue their own security tokens via Securrency.  They will now gain access to Vertalo’s ‘Liquidity Enablement Platform’.

What all this means is that companies interested in issuing their own digital security, can do so with relative ease.  They will be able to rest assured, knowing that their issued tokens are fully compliant with securities regulations.  At the same time they will also benefit from an increase in coveted liquidity.


These protocols are known as CAT-20, and CAT-721.  Each are tailored for use as security tokens.  CAT stands for Compliance Aware Token, and is marketed as an ‘interoperable ledger-agnostic security token protocol’.

After issuance, these tokens can be utilized on any blockchain.  This may range from ETH to EOS, and even STR.  These tokens inherently govern themselves, to ensure constant adherence to regulations.

The announcement of these protocols was made in early October in a press release.  Here, Securrency CEO, Dan Doney, stated, “We developed the CAT-20 and CAT-721 standards because security tokens should be truly liquid – they should not be limited to one ledger and they should be easy to trade, transfer and regulate…This new protocol will enable speed, efficiency and transparency for issuers – from Wall Street to Main Street – while meeting compliance at a global scale.”


Founded in 2017, Vertalo is based out of Austin, Texas.  They specialize in both compliance and communication services, for companies based on blockchain.

Speaking on the partnership with Securrency was Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks.  He stated, “Securrency has identified compliance as a precondition for adoption of digital assets by regulated financial institutions.  Through its integration with Vertalo’s Registry and compliance service, Securrency enables issuers, broker-dealers and custody platforms to launch offerings that eliminate regulatory hurdles and meet internal risk management requirements.”

With other partners such as OpenFinance, Polymath, PrimeTrust and more, Vertalo is set to become a major player within the security token industry in the coming years.


Founded in 2015, Securrency is based out of Washington, D.C.  They are a technology company that facilitates the issuance and trading of digital securities.

Speaking on the partnership with Vertalo was Securrency CEO, Dan Doney.  He stated, “Through this unique pairing, Vertalo and Securrency will be able to provide their clients with the promised compliance alongside improved liquidity for their assets, thus ensuring a seamless trading process unparalleled by other organizations. We believe that this collaboration will help us follow through on our commitment to simplicity and transparency for our clients.” 

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Malta To Have First Gold Back Security Token




Malta To Have First Gold Back Security Token

The crypto friendly country of Malta is again in the news after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the issuance of precious metal-backed tokens. The agreement explains the intent of the Canamex Gold Corporation to issue a gold and silver backed token.

These security tokens are the first precious metal-backed tokens to receive official licensing from a government. Canamex Gold Corporation plans to list their new tokens on the Malta Digital Exchange (MDX). There are significant advantages that the MDX partnership brings to the equation.

For one, MDX is based in Malta. Malta is a pioneer in the blockchain space. The country was one of the first in the world to release crypto legislation which included specifics regarding distributed ledger technology. It is this regulatory framework which makes Malta an ideal location for blockchain-based businesses.

Speaking on the strategic partnership, MDX CEO Rick Klink discussed the advantages gained from working with Canamex Gold Corp. He spoke on blockchain technology and its ability to “democratize capital markets globally.” He explained how the transparency provided by this innovative FInTech is essential for the development of the market.

Rick Klink via Linkedin

Rick Klink via Linkedin

Last month MDX announced the launch of their institutional grade security token platform. After recognizing the growing need for more regulatory measures, executives decided the security token arena fit the company’s goals. The platform utilizes Paritech technology that simplifies the trading process. Additionally, the exchange received licensing from the Malta Financial Services Authority.

MDX Adds Liquidity

MDX will provide a secondary trading market for Canamex Gold’s GOLDUSA and SILVERUSA tokens. Canamex Gold’s CEO described the partnership between the two as an exclusive deal that has the potential to “move the needle” in terms of security token adoption.

By speaking on “moving the needle.” Klink pointed out the fact that the concept of precious metal backed tokens is not new. Numerous firms such as GOLDX have offered similar services since the beginning of the year. The Russian government even discussed the concept in September 2018. What makes the MDX partnership deal unique is the use of security tokens.

Security tokens adhere to strict government standards. Unlike utility tokens, all security token offerings require the token issuer to provide company information such as financial statements, management process, and company location.

These requirements protect investors from the high level of fraud committed in the cryptospace every year. The Statis Group conducted a study that found that 80 percent of ICOs in 2017 were scams.

Likewise, investors must provide additional information when compared to a traditional utility token transactions including undergoing identity verification. There are no anonymous security token transactions. Security tokens follow securities guidelines.

Malta Sets the Stage

Both the US and EU have shown signs of hesitation when approaching the regulatory framework needed to further security token adoption. The Maltese Parliament saw the need for detailed crypto regulations and took the initiative. Now, Malta intends to take the lead in security token adoption.

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