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Newly-Launched NFT Marketplace LooksRare Eclipses OpenSea In 7-Day Trading Volume



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On Monday, Ethereum-based NFT platform LooksRare went live, attracting several users. Trading volume on the marketplace soared high within the first 24 hours after launch, toppling rivals include NFT giant OpenSea.

The platform now leads in 1hr, 24hr, and 7-day trading volume according to market rankings compiled by DappRadar. Also grabbing headlines this week, Antonio Brown's mid-game walkout on January 2nd is set to be minted into an NFT. More details on this and other top stories below:

PhantaBear NFTs in the spotlight as OpenSea crosses $2 billion in sales

High-profile names have had quite a significant sway on the NFT scene, apparent by their contribution to the growth witnessed in the sector. The latest NFT project to benefit from a superstar's influence is EzekClub's PhantaBear.

The PhantaBear NFT collection on OpenSea

The NFT collection, endorsed by Taiwanese singer and songwriter Jay Chou, rose to the top of the global rankings, upsetting the BAYC ape collection. The PhantaBear collection features 10,000 NFTs that were algorithmically generated at the beginning of the year. The value of these NFTs first peaked on Sunday (average price 7.3975 ETH) before briefly dipping and setting a new peak (average price 7.8717 ETH) on Tuesday.

PhantaBear ‘s traded volume on OpenSea, as of writing, stands at 23.3k ETH. The collection undoubtedly played a role in propelling OpenSea's traded volume (Ethereum) above the $2 billion point – more than half the record monthly volume of $3.4 billion set last August.

Data from Dune Analytics indicates that the volume reached $2.1 billion on Monday, a pace that sets up a $6 billion month.

OpenSea monthly volume (Ethereum)

The trading volume (Ethereum) is now approaching $2.67 billion, whereas the OpenSea Polygon Monthly volume has set sight on $3o million.

LooksRare launches with vampire attack, seeking to topple OpenSea

The latest entrant into the list of contenders attempting to take market giant OpenSea's place at the top of the charts, LooksRare marketplace, launched on Monday with a token airdrop.

LooksRare, via its debuted LOOKS token, launched a vampire attack on OpenSea, aiming to lure the big spenders from there. The marketplace announced that any collector who traded more than 3 ETH in NFTs, on OpenSea, between June 16th and December 16th qualified for the tokens' airdrop.

LooksRare ranks first in 24 hr sales volume

The marketplace showed teeth not long after its debut and has, so far, recorded $1.05 billion in sales volume since its launch. No other marketplace has recorded a volume higher than LooksRare within this period. LooksRare also leads the 24 hr. chart with $555.7 million, followed by OpenSea with $163.3 million – less than half the latter's volume.

LooksRare is based on Ethereum's blockchain and has committed to indexing all NFTs on the blockchain, making them available to users for listing, buying, and selling. It also packs some highly-rated collections, including Boring Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Doodles.

Antonio Brown's infamous walkout minted into an NFT up for auction

When Antonio Brown walked out mid-game during an encounter of his team, the Tampa Bay Bucs, and the New York Jets, even he would not have imagined that moment being frozen into an NFT. Well, that is what has recently happened!

During the week 17 matchup at the MetLife Stadium, Antonio Brown, the former Buccaneers' wide receiver, stripped off his jersey and other gear and walked out of the game before it ended. The incident caused clamor and started doing rounds on social media, with various news agencies reporting on it.

Following the incident Viral Heirs, revealed that they had acquired the exclusive rights to mint an NFT of the video. With an auction planned for the NFT, Viral Heirs described it as a chance to “own that moment in this NFT auction that will forever change the Memorabilia landscape.”

Bidding starts today, and reports indicate that with the video having garnered over 11.6 million views, it could cost as much as $1.5 million.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut ties with the wide receiver, now a free agent.

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