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Nasdaq Eyes Tokenized Real Estate while tZERO Begins Onboarding Exodus Investors – Digital Securities Weekly




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Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform

Of all the markets expected to be transformed by digital securities, real estate is widely agreed upon to be the most ripe.   Nasdaq’s Vice President and Head of Digital Assets Johan Toll, recently took a look at why this is, and what Nasdaq is doing about it.

“Issuing real estate tokens on a distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based platform and creating a marketplace for issuers (property owners), investor and other stakeholders may be the solution to taking the real estate market to the next level.”

In order to reach this ‘next level’, Nasdaq launched its own ‘Marketplace Services Platform (MSP)’ in late June.  This service was built to provide ‘next-generation marketplace capabilities spanning the transaction lifecycle to facilitate the frictionless exchange of assets, services and information across various types of market ecosystems’.

With one of these market ecosystems being that of real estate, Johan Toll notes the following areas as a few which are able to be transformed through use of the MSP.

  • Need for reconciliation between parties through traditional channels is eliminated
  • Faster turn-around time when bring new assets to market
  • Greater market inclusion through fractionalization

It is important to note that while Johan Toll focuses specifically on how Nasdaq’s MSP can transform real estate markets, the platform has the ability to do so much more.  In time it will hopefully play a large role in the anticipated widespread adoption of digital securities as a whole.

In a recent contribution to our on-going series ‘Thought Leaders’, Atlas One Digital Securities Research and Data Analyst Vlad Estoup, also expanded on the state of real estate, and how DLT can benefit its investors.

Exodus Onboarding

While many digital asset wallets have come and gone over the years, Exodus has managed to remain a fixture.  It has done this by offering a slick, flexible, and intuitive platform which not only gives its users access to a bevy of assets, but offers full control of private keys – after all, ‘not your keys, not your coin’.

This ‘staying-power’ is also fueled by an ability to look forwards, and prepare for future trends.  This was most recently made evident as Exodus hosted its own digital securities offering (DSO), raising $75 million in the process.  Investors that took part in this event can now look forward to trading their newly minted Exodus digital securities on the popular tZERO ATS, as the latter has announced it has commenced onboarding.

While no firm date has been provided for when actual trading will open, tZERO states that, ‘it is anticipated that trading of Exodus Class A common stock will commence on the tZERO ATS this quarter (Q3 2021)’.  In addition to providing a home for trading these assets, and liquidity in the process, existing clients of tZERO that missed out on the Exodus DSO can now gain exposure to one of the industry’s most popular wallets.

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