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MyNeighborAlice Announces the Launch of its Official Marketplace



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MyNeighborAlice, a well-known metaverse project in the cryptocurrency industry, recently announced exciting news for its community — the launch of its Marketplace. Noting that this is an exciting day, the project explained that the Marketplace allows users to list and trade land plots on a Peer-To-Peer basis.

Furthermore, newly-minted lands will also be listed on the Marketplace for their primary sales, moving forward. The project took this opportunity to announce that news about that will also come soon. Finally, it revealed that several additional features have already been added in order to assist in land-trading activities.

How does it work?

In continuation of the announcement, MyNeighborAlice explained that users will have to install Metamask and add the BSC network in order to start using the Marketplace, as well as that BNB ownership will be necessary in order to pay for gas fees for any transactions. Meanwhile, ALICE tokens are required if players wish to purchase lands from other users.

One thing that the project mentioned and that players are likely going to appreciate is that there will be no marketplace fees for them to pay. As soon as players connect their Metamask wallet to the platform, they will be able to see it in the top right-hand corner, where they will also be able to see all the land plots that they own.

This is also where they can edit details of their account, including their profile name, nickname, cover image, avatar, email address, and more. This is also where they can claim new land that you might win at auctions, settle rewards, change the reserve price, or unlist lands from secondary markets.

Existing and upcoming features

Speaking of new features that the project added, the announcement mentioned that the interface now allows users to view and list their lands for sale, or alternatively, to browse and buy lands that others have listed for sale. All listed lands are sold through 24-hour auctions, with the countdown starting as soon as the first bid gets placed. However, one thing to note is that the auction can be extended if someone places a new bid in the last 30 minutes before the auction ends. That way, there will be no way for someone to “steal the auction” by placing a bid a minute before the auction expires.

Another new feature that the project revealed is the Map, which shows the land’s position, and shows which lands are already owned, or are currently listed for sale.

Finally, the project also announced a few things that will come in the future. One of them is Land Sale Previews, which is an upcoming Marketplace feature that will allow users to use the Marketplace interface to see the lands which will become available in upcoming land sales.

The project will also add additional NFT support, and many new features that have yet to come in later updates, such as listing and trading of non-land NFTs, and even more after that.

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