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MintHealth – Proof of Health on the Blockchain

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MintHealth-empower patients with a self-sovereign health identity

HealthCare costs are spiraling out of control.  In most nations, HealthCare is exclusively reactive.  Rather than treating the underlying reason for health issues, we simply treat the negative effects.  Instead of incentivizing someone to eat healthy and reduce their blood pressure, we simply prescribe blood pressure medication.  Instead of incentivizing regular exercise, we prescribe Metformin to lower blood sugar levels.  It is an unsustainable model.

How can we fix this?

MintHealth is looking to change this through a two pronged approach.  The first step is through a security token offering.  This token represents an investment in the MintHealth platform, and is known as the MintHealth Security Token (MHST).  The platform is a personalized mobile service that utilizes blockchain to provide patients with access to complete and accessible medical records.  In addition it allows for users of the platform to be rewarded for completing healthy activities.

To incentivize continued use of the platform, MintHealth will be distributing a second, utility token.  This is the second step of the approach to solve the issue at hand.  This token will underpin transactions within the MintHealth platform itself.  It is known as the VidaMint token (VIDA).

With these two tokens, MintHealth will serve two different markets.  Those that invest in the company itself (via the MHST), and those that simply use the platform (via VIDA).  Through the implementation of both, a user friendly ecosystem is created that will foster continued growth.

Token Details

The MintHealth token will take shape as a ST-20 complaint token.  It will be hosted on the Polymath platform and made available to investors.

By partnering with Polymath, MintHealth gains the ability to act as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), in addition to becoming the first security token tailored for the health industry.

Speaking with Polymath, CEO of MintHealth Samir Damani commented, “We are excited to work with Polymath in their trailblazing efforts to create the gold standard platform for issuing securities in a fashion that protects both the investor and the company looking to bring meaningful improvements to industries across the globe. This partnership will facilitate access to millions in capital from new investors for us.”

How do investors benefit?

Those that invest in the security token are entitled to a proportionate share of equity within MintHealth, in addition to dividends garnered through the use of the VidaMint token.

Revenue is created off of the VidaMint token as employers purchase it from MintHealth.  They are then able to incentive their own employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle by rewarding tokens for certain actions.  These tokens can then be redeemed for services, or traded on exchanges by holders.

How can you invest?

MintHealth is currently hosting their STO, and is well on their way to raising their desired amount needed to achieve their vision.

If interested in investing, a minimum $250 USD is needed.  Before investing in any product/company, make sure to read the provided whitepaper, and reach out to the team with any questions.

The MintHealth whitepaper can be found HERE.

To learn details about the project, please view our MintHealth Token Listing page.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.