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Mines of Dalarnia Summarizes its Progress in June 2022



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June 2022 was not a great month for crypto prices, but it was marked by a lot of development and progression for a lot of projects. One of the best examples is Mines of Dalarnia — a blockchain-based metaverse game that offers an interesting world where players can mine land and dig up all kinds of different relics, minerals, and other resources in order to upgrade their equipment and earn rewards for playing.

According to the project, June has been extremely busy, with one of the biggest developments being the Quicksilver Mines event, which was just wrapped up. Furthermore, the project delivered 3 major updates, and it managed to get listed on Coinbase. Finally, Mines of Dalarnia also noted that more content, features, and economy adjustments will be coming soon.

Mines of Dalarnia in June 2022

According to the project’s Medium post, the very first development worthy of note in June happened on June 1st, when the winners of the Pancakeswap trading contest received airdropped cosmetic Bunny helmets. Then, on the very next day, the project delivered an updated that increased the maximum number of digs that can be purchased at one time, taking it from 5 to 10. Thanks to this change, players can save gas fees and pay for multiple digs with a single transaction.

About a week later, on June 9th, Mines of Dalarnia delivered its second major update, this time adding a number of key features. This included Weapon Crafting, Daily Mining Contracts, as well as a brand new resource known as Stellar Shards. After that, Keith McCollough conducted an AMA with BNB Chain on June 13th, and two days later, he participated in another one with NFTrade.

The project then published its third major update on June 16th, and this one improved the network’s smart contract functionality. In addition, it also added the equipment charge feature. On the same day, the project’s native cryptocurrency, the DAR token, was listed on Coinbase.

In the second half of the month, the project’s development team attended the world’s largest NFT conference, NFT.NYC. It took place between June 20th and 23rd. June 23rd also saw the conclusion of the Quicksilver Mines event, and with the event closed, the items featured during the event can no longer be crafted. Instead, they can only be purchased on the secondary market via NFTrade.

Finally, on June 24th, the project released its final update, and this time, it introduced new enemy types, armor skins, and elite blades.

What’s next for Mines of Dalarnia?

In the same post, Mines of Dalarnia also offered some insight into what can be expected in July. For example, they plan to introduce new features, more content, as well as some bug fixes and security improvements.

Economy adjustments are also to be expected, as well as weekly game updates that are already being delivered every Thursday. Lastly, the project noted that additional news and announcements will become available in due time, which is great news for its community, as it shows that the project is actively working on improving its game, security, and ecosystem, in general.

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