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MERJ to Make Entrance into the United States

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Hello United States

MERJ, a Seychelles based digital exchange, has made waves lately as they have announced a string of successes. The most recent wave comes in their announced intent to expand operations into the United States.

To make this move possible, MERJ established multiple strategic partnerships with U.S. based companies. In these newly established partnerships, each company will provide specialized services to ensure compliance and flexibility in the endeavour. Their roles are broken down, as follows:

MERJ – Digital Securities Exchange

Prime Trust – Custodial Services

Jumpstart Securities – Broker/Dealer

Recent Expansion

One of the draws toward digital assets are their ability to transcend borders in many situations. With this in mind, MERJ has made the decision to expand on a global scale. Beyond the development discussed here today, which will see a move into the United States, we recently covered their announcement to enter Europe. Read the following article to learn more about this decision, and a newly formed partnership with Globacap.

MERJ and Globacap Target Expansion in Europe


Upon announcing their intent to expand operations to the United States, the CEO of each, MERJ and Jumpstart Securities, took the time to share their thoughts.

Ed Tuohy, CEO of MERJ, stated,

“There is growing appetite from around the globe for these exciting investment opportunities…An entire ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace to service the demand for digital assets. The missing puzzle piece has been a secondary market place that has the right regulatory structure in place, and MERJ is here to fill the void.”  

Jonathan Self, CEO of Jumpstart Securities, stated,

“We see continued demand from institutional investors for tokenized securities and a growing interest from retail investors…MERJ brings the best practices of a regulated market place to this space which could mark the beginning of real mainstream participation. We are delighted to be able to bring this groundbreaking investment opportunity to the US market.”

Speaking with Ed

We recently had the pleasure of completing an exclusive interview with MERJ CEO, Ed Tuohy. In this discussion, Ed speaks on the company’s expansion in to digital securities, as well as their plans moving forward.

Interview Series – Ed Tuohy, CEO at MERJ Exchange Limited


Founded in 2011, MERJ (formerly known as ‘Trop-X’), is a licensed securities exchange operating out of The Republic of Seychelles. Under the watch of CEO, Ed Tuohy, the company has made it their mission to form the bridges necessary to merge traditional finance with new technologies such as DLT and blockchain.

Prime Trust

Operating out of Las Vegas, this company was founded in 2016. In the time since, the team behind Prime Trust has developed a variety of services tailored towards the digital securities sector. These include the ability the act as custodians, compliance officers, and more.

CEO, Scott Purcell, currently oversees company operations.

Jumpstart Securities

This young, SEC registered company, is a broker-dealer, which will see their services utilized by the companies discussed here today. They were originally founded in 2011, under the name FundAmerica Securities.

CEO, Jonathan Self, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

While this is a first time occurrence for Jumpstart Securities in our newsfeed, MERJ has been no stranger. In the past, we have touched on their intent to launch a digital securities market within the calendar year. Check out the following article to learn more about this timeline, and what the launch means for the industry.

Seychelles based ‘MERJ’ to Launch Digital Securities Markets in 2019