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Digital Securities

Looking at the Past Week of Digital Securities

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This past week saw multiple positive developments in the digital securities sector. This included the announcement of new STOs, regulatory clarity, and licensure applications. Here is a brief recap of highlights from this past week.


While regulation is typically slow moving, multiple developments, of note, took place this week.

Part of the appeal to digital securities and their secondary markets, is the global reach. This brings importance to the monitoring of global regulation efforts. With this in mind, one nation making headway in this area is Germany.

Only days ago, the German Federal Ministry of Finance published a paper, which called for regulation of digital securities. This is a positive step forward, as another influential nation gives credence to the legitimacy of this sector.

Within the United States, Wyoming has proven to be ahead of most with regards to regulation. This week, the state better defined ownership and classification of digital securities.


On the partnership front, the industry was greeted with news of multiple new pairings this past week.

One such example includes the pairing of BankRoll and KoreConX. This team up will see a crowdfunding platform, provided by BankRoll, supplemented by a suite of compliance services from KoreConX.

Beyond partnerships geared around technical expansion, we also saw a noteworthy partnership based around geographic expansion. This announcement came from Swarm and BlackBox Labs. This particular arrangement was undertaken with the goal of growing the digital securities sector in Asia.

Security Token Offerings

While the continuing stream of partnership announcements is certainly a positive thing to see, they mean nothing without actual execution. With that in mind, this past week saw multiple examples of clients actually announcing their intent to host an STO.

For those interested in foreign real estate, VR Bank will be hosting a real-estate backed STO with the help of services rendered by Tokeny and Lition.

While real-estate backed digital securities have proven to be the most popular implementation of the technology to date, there remain various other unique use cases. One example of this is Vemanti – a Vietnamese company looking to develop an e-loan platform. It was divulged that Vemanti will be hosting their own STO with the help of industry stalwart, Securitize.


Malta has been vocal over the past two years, with regards to their intent on becoming the world’s blockchain hub. Two organizations which stand to play a role in achieving this goal are the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) and the Malta Digital Exchange(MDE).

The MDE announced the moving of their physical operations, to reside alongside the MSE. With the company actively trying for licensure as a securities trading platform, this move was made with the future in mind. Upon successful licensure, the two companies are expected to work closely together in developing trading services.

A Look Forward

Development and opportunities within the sector have no signs of slowing. As regulatory clarity is afforded to those looking for it, investors should be greeted with an increasing number of opportunities as time passes. Digital securities are in the beginning chapter of an exciting story yet to play out.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.