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Looking at the Past Two Weeks in Digital Securities

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Our last recap noted various positive developments in the digital securities sector. These past two weeks have provided more of the same, as industry participants work with fervor to launch their products.


While their message has not changed, China issued a recent statement regarding their stance towards STOs, and various types of fund-raising events. In their message, they reaffirmed that these types of events are illegal, and will remain so.

China Doubles Down Anti-STO Stance


Archax has been one of the busiest companies in recent days. In the past two weeks alone, the London based company has announced multiple new partnerships. These included both Tokeny and Quod Financial. Both of these partnerships will ensure that Archax has, not only the technological ability to offer trading services, but an inflow of projects to populate their upcoming platform.

Archax and Tokeny form Strategic Partnership

Archax Gears up for Launch with Quod Financial

Better Safe than Sorry

For many of the companies developing services within the digital security sector, issuer and investor safety remains paramount. Both AmaZix, and Assurely are two of these companies. Recently, Assurely has announced their STO insurance services, while AmaZix has partnered with KABN to ensure identity compliance is maintained.

Assurely presents the CrowdProtector

AmaZix turns to KABN for Identification Services


On the licensure front, UK based company, Smartland, obtained access to an investment licence, through their acquisition of Shojin Financial Services. Procuring a licence through acquisition is often cheaper, quicker, and overall more efficient than applying for one themselves. This move will now allow Smartland to offer global crowdfunding services.

Smartland Acquisition Opens New Doors for Crowdfunding

Secondary Markets

The promise of secondary markets is a large part of the appeal towards digital securities. It is through secondary markets that this new asset class will gain its much sought after liquidity. This fact has not been lost on industry participants. Over the past weeks, we have had various announcements pertaining to the development of these markets.

DX.Exchange for example, has announced that in addition to their unique approach in tokenizing publicly traded companies, they will be launching a secondary trading market in 2019. This announcement was made at TOKEN2049 by DX.Exchange CEO, Danial Skowronski.

DX.Exchange to Support Secondary Markets and Issue Security Token

A Look Forward

Looking back at these past two weeks, it is clear that the latter half of 2019 and early 2020 are going to be huge for the digital securities sector.

With each day in the present bringing new announcements of partnerships, and new entrances within the sector, there will come a time when each of these endeavours come to fruition. For now, everyone is jockeying for position.


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