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LDCC Holders Receive First Royalty Payout

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Royalty Payout

A pair of companies has just announced the successful disbursement of royalties from a digital security; This would be Securitize and

This royalty payout is a prime example of the potential behind digital securities.  Due to lock-up periods, and simply establishing the building blocks of the industry, we are now seeing this potential come to fruition.  This royalty payout is proof of what industry players have been touting as the future of investing – a more efficient and flexible environment, underpinned by blockchain based technologies.

Securitize notes that holders of the token, LDCC, are able to retrieve their earnings by simply clicking on a link, and choosing their method of payout (USD, USDC, etc.).


For those interested, and eligible, to trade LDCC tokens, look no further than Open Finance Network.  Here, the tokens have a home in which investors have access to greater liquidity surrounding the asset through OFN’s secondary markets.

While various companies have been working to establish themselves within the digital securities sector, one area lacking, to date, is the presence of active exchanges.  While this may have been, simply, due to a lack of tradable assets, times are changing.  Beyond Open Finance Network, we have seen companies like MERJ, and most recently, Tokenised Stock Exchange, join the fray.

Tokenise Stock Exchange Goes Live


Upon announcing the dividend payout, representatives from each, Securitize and, took the time to comment.

Carlos Domingo, CEO of Securitize, stated,

“We couldn’t be more excited and proud to execute our first royalty payment for, a company that has been a big proponent of digital securities from the beginning…This first payment is significant for all of us in the industry. It’s another great step in modernizing capital markets by enabling digital securities. We firmly believe the future of all assets is digital.”

Matt Clemenson, CCO of, stated,

“Leveraging Securitize’s infrastructure for distribution of the royalty was a no brainer for us. They make it so easy to pay all of our token holders in the way that they want to be paid.”


Of note in their announcement, is the usage rate of stablecoins.  Securitize indicates that of those receiving royalty payouts, roughly 50% chose to receive this in the form of USDC.

This choice is a positive, yet unsurprising, development.  We, along with many others, have noted the bright future of stablecoins.  Furthermore, any investors utilizing digital securities, are undoubtedly going to be aware of the benefits which stablecoins can afford.  Between this knowledge, and potential within the product itself, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see that 50% continue trending upwards.

Founded in 2015, maintains headquarters in Austin, Texas.  Above all, operates to bring positive social impact.  This is achieved through ‘gamifying’ lotteries, sweepstakes, and more.  The company was notably one of the earliest adopters of blockchain, and digital securities.

CEO, Tony DiMatteo, currently oversees company operations.


Founded in 2017, Securitize is based in the United States.  Since launch, the team behind Securitize continues to develop a comprehensive suite of services meant to grow the digital securities sector.

CEO, Carlos Domingo, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

In recent months, Securitize has been on a roll.  During this time, we have reported on various new features and services developed by the company, as they look to continue growing the digital securities sector.  The following articles touch on a couple of these developments, as Securitize addresses both, trading and compliance, measures.

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