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IPwe Looks to Close Series A on a High Note

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Whats Happening?

With only a short time remaining, IPwe looks to soon close a successful round of funding. This raise is occurring in an effort to finance the continued development of IPwe.

The digital securities to be issued are being offered under Regulation D, and represent IPwe’s Series A round of funding.

Investments are being led by a strong group, including Rotter Family Trust, Raptor Group, and more.


For those unfamiliar with IPwe, they are a forward thinking company looking to disrupt the global patent industry. They intend to bring transparency, efficiency, and uniformity to an industry that is woefully thin on these attributes. In doing so, the team behind IPwe believes that they will be able to realize impressive profits for both themselves and patent holders.

The team at IPwe intends on creating this disruption through the use of multiple technologies. These include both artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Their own services were built over a 10 year period utilizing this technology. In that time the team has secured 22 patents of their own.

IPwe breaks down their platform into three main categories. These include:

The Global Patent Registry
  • Blockchain-enabled registry
Zuse Analytics
  • AI software developed to analyze attributes of patents such as strength, viability, value, and others.
IPwe Transaction Platform
  • A medium that facilitates transactions and interactions between patent owners, service providers, and more.

These services are a boon to an industry that finds itself disjointed, with no real uniformity between patent offices worldwide.

By the Numbers

Here is a brief look at how the numbers stack up for this round of funding.

Funding Round
  • Series A
Minimum Investment
  • $5000
Target Minimum / Amount raised thus far
  • $4,000,000 / $4,307,598

By successfully reaching their goal, IPwe will now be able to continue rapid development in a massive industry. Here is a look at a few figures conveying the scope of the patent market they are looking to change.

Licensing & Acquisition
  • $180 billion / year
U.S.-brokered market
  • $350 million
Patents for sale in U.S.
  • $16 billion


Now and Then

While IPwe has impressed the industry thus far, their services are far from finished. For now, services are limited to the following.

  1. Licensing & Acquisitions
  2. Financing
  3. Maintenance Fees
  4. Analytics

The team indicates that, in the near future, support will be implemented for additional services. These include the following.

  1. Royalty Management
  2. Insurance
  3. Retention of Service Providers
  4. Valuation

In Other News

IPwe has been on a tear in recent months. In this time the project has gone from an intriguing idea, to a promising company, with the potential to make waves.

Whether taking part in the IBM accelerator program, creating ‘patent finance markets’, or giving exclusive interviews, here is what IPwe has been up to as of late.

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