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INX Breaks New Ground with Public Company Security Token Offering for Greenbriar Capital





A pioneering collaboration between INX Digital Company and Greenbriar Capital Corp. has enabled shareholders to tokenize and list their shares for trading on INX.One platform.

Greenbriar Capital Corp is a prominent developer of renewable energy and sustainable real estate projects with a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values. The company shares are traded in a non-token form on the US over-the-counter (OTC) market under the GEBRF ticker and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the GRB symbol.

But now, with the landmark partnership with INX, Greenbriar shares are available for trading on a public blockchain network for the first time. This will see the traditional stock certificates of Greenbriar Capital represented in digital format, allowing them to move seamlessly between traditional exchanges and a digital alternative trading system.

The tokenized version of Greenbriar shares will be subject to the same benefits as traditional shareholders, including voting rights and dividends. These shares are highly accessible to investors, as they can be traded around the clock, every day of the year, on the INX.One digital asset platform. All security tokens on INX.One are regulated securities, providing full legal protection for investors.

According to Itai Avneri, Deputy CEO & COO of INX, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the maturity of the digital economy. He expects more public companies to take their business digital in the near future, either in the form of tokenized shares, digital ADR, or digital bonds. This move is expected to unlock another source of liquidity through the INX ecosystem.

The platform has been working on achieving a careful balance of innovation and regulatory compliance, with the INX team collaborating closely with regulators to ensure that the platform adheres to the highest security and transparency standards.

A couple of years ago, INX made history by becoming the first SEC-registered digital security IPO, raising an impressive $84 million from over 7,250 retail and institutional investors. And now, with this groundbreaking collaboration, INX continues to lead the industry in providing innovative trading and capital-raising financial instruments to enterprises and companies worldwide.

The Growing Trend of Security Tokenization

INX is not new to security tokens, having listed shares of its own company and that of the MS Token fine art studio already. However, those shares represented privately held companies, while Greenbriar (GEBR) is the first public company to join INX with complete financial disclosures.

This is a significant milestone for both Greenbriar and the INX platform, as it further reinforces the platform's commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance while also expanding the range of investment opportunities available to investors.

This security tokenization trend has been steadily growing in recent years, with more companies and institutions exploring the potential of blockchain technology. One of the main drivers of this growth is the increased regulation and compliance requirements in many jurisdictions, making it more difficult for traditional securities to trade across borders.

Security tokens, on the other hand, can be easily traded across borders, as they are issued and traded on a decentralized blockchain network.

Security tokenization is the process of representing ownership of a traditional asset, such as real estate or stocks, in the form of digital tokens issued on a blockchain. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way assets are bought, sold, and traded, as it provides several benefits over traditional ownership structures, such as fractional ownership, which has the potential to democratize access to investments and open up new opportunities for a wider range of investors.

Most recently, Citi released a report that forecasted an impressive $5 trillion in tokenized digital securities by the end of this decade. Out of the total projected value of up to $5 trillion, the bank's analysis suggests $1.9 trillion in tokenized debt, $1.5 trillion in real estate assets, $700 million in private equity, and up to $1 trillion in tokenized securities such as stocks.

Another trend in the security tokenization space is the emergence of specialized platforms and service providers that facilitate the issuance, trading, and management of security tokens. These platforms offer solutions that address the unique requirements of security tokens, such as compliance with regulatory frameworks and integration with traditional financial systems.

A Unique Token Offering Platform

INX is a fully regulated trading platform dedicated to digital securities, which operates under the umbrella of the INX Group. The ultimate goal of the INX Group is to become the leading global regulated hub for blockchain-based digital assets.

The INX ecosystem started to take shape in 2017 when the ICO wave began with little to no consideration for securities laws. Meanwhile, INX worked closely with regulators to create a regulatory framework for token offerings.

In 2019, INX announced the filing of an F-1 registration statement for a regulated Token Offering, and in August 2020, INX made history by launching the world's first SEC-registered Security Token IPO. This event enabled the general public to invest in INX tokens directly in the primary market, providing an exciting opportunity for investors to access a new asset class through a fully regulated platform.

This IPO took place over eight months on the Ethereum blockchain and followed a private placement of CAD$39.6 million ($32.2 million) that INX raised before its listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In July 2021, INX became available for trading on the secondary market for the general public. INX operates in a regulated environment with oversight from regulators such as the SEC and FINRA.

It was in September 2022 that INX Digital launched its new platform called INX One. The platform is designed for trading SEC-registered security tokens as well as various cryptocurrencies. It is open to both retail and institutional investors and includes services for issuers who want to raise capital through a security token offering.

This way, INX aims to revolutionize digital asset investing for both primary and secondary markets to benefit everyone, not just a select few.

INX's security token offering is notable for its broad distribution and wealth of opportunities for investors. With INX.One, investors can diversify their portfolios and access a suite of powerful tools to manage their digital assets. This includes tracking their balances, managing their wallets, and receiving detailed reports on transactions and automated trading confirmations.

One of the unique features of INX.One is the ability to participate in token offerings and invest in companies directly before trading commences. This gives investors a chance to be early adopters and potentially reap higher rewards.

INX.One also fosters a sense of community among its users, with dozens of communities forming around shared interests in a company's growth.

Opening an account with INX.One is pretty straightforward too. Investors set up their profiles, upload supporting documents, and choose their account plans. And as a regulated platform, INX.One values its customers' safety and security, which is why it requires supporting documents during the onboarding process.

INX.One also has a support team available to address any questions or concerns investors may have.

The Stellar Performance of Native INX Token

Apart from security tokens, the INX platform provides access to traditional cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). This diverse offering enables investors to not only invest in securities but also to trade and hold popular cryptocurrencies on the same platform, streamlining their investment experience.

Additionally, the INX platform has a native token called INX Token (INX). Trading at $0.40, the token is up 33.3% in the past 24 hours and 74% in the past two weeks, as per CoinGecko. However, the token is currently down about 8% from its all-time high (ATH) of $0.50, hit just last week.

It is an Ethereum-based ERC1404-compliant token with a capped supply of 200,000,000 tokens. The smart contract for the token incorporates a Whitelist Database, which restricts the transfer of INX Tokens unless both the sender's and receiver's digital wallet addresses are whitelisted.

INX Token is the core of the INX ecosystem and the first SEC-registered security token to IPO on the blockchain, and it offers both security and utility benefits to its holders.

As a security token, INX Token offers mandatory profit sharing through an annual distribution of 40% of the Company's cumulative adjusted net operating cash flow. Token holders prefer a pro-rata portion of the Cash Fund upon a liquidation event.

Additionally, as a utility token, INX Token holders can enjoy discounts of at least 10% on trading fees on INX.One through the Hold & Save Discount Program. By holding INX Tokens in their wallet and trading crypto/securities on, token holders can receive a monthly rebate on the fees they pay based on their tier.

For institutions and high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking to fill large orders without disrupting the open market, INX offers an OTC Desk that provides enhanced liquidity and personalized services. The OTC Desk offers discreet and secure execution and settlement services as well as competitive pricing, strengthening the value proposition of the INX platform as a trusted and reliable destination for investors seeking to access exciting new asset classes.

Overall, INX.One offers greater investment opportunities for all, including individual investors, issuers, and entities. For individual investors, security tokens offer exclusive investment opportunities and benefits, whereas for issuers, INX.One offers a streamlined issuance platform process for token offerings, potentially allowing them to raise capital without giving away equity ownership.

Meanwhile, entities can diversify their investment portfolio and bring more exciting opportunities to themselves and their clients.

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