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Investing In Ternoa (CAPS) – Everything You Need to Know

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The crypto industry features projects of all kinds, some of which simply seek to offer an alternative to cash, while others wish to improve a specific industry, eliminate corruption, improve technology, eliminate expensive middlemen to make various processes cheaper and more direct, and alike. Basically, if you can think of a way to apply the benefits of crypto and blockchain in a way that will help solve some problem, chances are that there is a project somewhere out there that’s already doing it. There are even memecoins for those who just wish to experience crypto in a fun way.

However, there are also some projects that are quite unique, whose developers used their imagination and came up with a brilliant idea. Ternoa (CAPS) is one such project, that decided to use the blockchain to preserve memories by using the benefits of blockchain and its products.

Everyone knows by now that blockchain is immutable, very safe, capable of storing large quantities of data, basically forever, and its products such as smart contracts can be set up in a way that will allow them to activate whenever the user needs them to, be that in a few minutes, in multiple decades, or anywhere in between. So, Ternoa decided to use these benefits to offer its users a way to store important memories, seal them in time capsules, and even allow them to ensure that their descendants will someday receive them.

What Problems Does Ternoa (CAPS) Solve?

Ternoa’s idea might seem strange at first, but it actually solves some rather deep, philosophical problems, in addition to some of the issues that we are a bit more familiar with, such as privacy and confidentiality.

Preserving memories

Over the years, as technology progressed, people have been finding ways to solve all kinds of problems that have been present for decades, centuries, or even millennia. However, there were also instances when technology allowed us to solve problems that we never even knew we had. Being forgotten as time moved on was one of the things that we always accepted as a natural part of life, as only a handful of truly great (or terrible) individuals get to be remembered throughout history.

But, Ternoa believes that everyone has the right to be remembered, and with modern technology such as the blockchain, that can be arranged.

Ensuring privacy and confidentiality

Thanks to the capabilities of blockchain technology, Ternoa is able to offer time capsules in the form of NFTs. Blockchain technology is already known for boosting privacy, and for a time, early in its history, it was even able to offer anonymity. While anonymity is pretty much off the table now, privacy is still a human right, and that is something that you get to keep — especially with a project like this, where personal memories and things that typically trigger them, such as images, sounds, and text, are concerned.

Data Decentralization

Another solution that the project has to offer is data decentralization. Essentially, Ternoa is designed as a parachain of the Polkadot network. As such, it will have its own private network of servers, but at the same time, it will use the Ternoa network to decentralize data. Of course, all of this data will be encrypted and sent to decentralized servers.

Benefits of Ternoa (CAPS)

You might be wondering what kind of specific benefits could you gain from interacting with this project. There are a few, actually, some of which are rather interesting.

Offers Temporal Capsules

Capsule Corp, the company behind the Ternoa project, is set to develop its own app called Application Ternoa. The app will allow users to create Time Capsules, meaning that they will be able to store data, encrypt it, and transfer it in a highly secure way. Furthermore, they will even be able to do all of this in a long time, as the capsules will basically last forever. They come in the form of NFTs issued on Ternoa’s blockchain, and they will allow users to transmit memories, messages, and alike to future generations.


Another thing that users can benefit from is exclusivity, meaning that all data and files stored in an augmented NFT are only accessible to the owner. In other words, you can create exclusive content and remain its sole owner, without anyone else seeing it or being able to access it and use it for themselves. It is a way to ensure that your legacy and memories will remain confidential, and only seen by those who own the actual NFT, which will, presumably, be yourself and future generations that you selected.


Finally, users who own the CAPS tokens will also be able to participate in the governance of the project. In other words, coin holders will get to decide on matters such as development, partners, protocols, and alike. Anyone will be able to vote on proposals that will affect the project’s development or to propose ideas themselves, which has been rather popular among the DAOs even before DeFi blew up in 2020.

How Does Ternoa (CAPS) Work?

We view Ternoa as a very interesting, and quite unique project that deals in memories. As the project points out, memories are an essential part of who we are. They play a considerable role in shaping us, and with that being the case, then the truth is that memory is, by its very nature, a partial thing. Of course, you cannot store and save the feelings that they invoke, but you can store and save other media, including images, text, and sound.

These things can be viewed as supporters, that allow us to transmit memories to future generations, whether to show them what our own lives were like or to pass down important knowledge.

As such, memories are precious goods that must be treated as such. They can serve as a source of information, which makes them useful for remembering history, but they can also be used simply for future generations to remember their ancestors, even if they were not remarkable historical individuals.

Meanwhile, methods of preserving memories that we had at our disposal so far are unreliable, at best. USB keys and hard disks can easily be damaged, lost, or completely destroyed. Storage clouds do not guarantee privacy, while printed photos fade over time. And, it is next to impossible to ensure a reliable way to pass them to third parties at the right moment. Ternoa solves all of this, and more, by using blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts.

How to Buy Ternoa (CAPS)

Ternoa (CAPS) is available on the following exchanges: – This exchange was established in 2013, and is one of the more popular & reputable exchanges. currently accepts most international jurisdictions including Australia & the UK.  USA & Canada residents are prohibited.

Ternoa (CAPS) — A way to preserve the memory

Ternoa is a project that offers quite a unique benefit of preserving one’s memories and passing them on. As such, we believe that this project might be among those with the greatest potential to last, practically forever. If using it to store your memories and ensure that you will leave a mark on this world for future generations to remember you by can be done without becoming a great individual remembered by history, then this is likely the most reliable way to do it.

And, since the fear of being forgotten is deeply installed in humans, we believe that this project has an excellent chance to become the future history book that our descendants will use to remember us, and learn more about us and our lives.

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