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HighCastle Seeks Increased Liquidity through Archax

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Partnering for Liquidity

Earlier today, Archax and HighCastle announced a newly established partnership. Between the two companies, they offer services entailing the trading of digital securities, blockchain based registrar, onboarding platforms, and more.

The pairing of companies indicate that this move was undertaken in an attempt to provide high levels of liquidity for digital securities issued through PrimeNet.


Upon announcing their partnership, representatives from each, HighCastle and Archax, took the time to comment. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Philip Millar, Executive Director of HighCastle, stated,

“At HighCastle we provide companies and funds with a full technical and legal framework for compliant digital offering, issuance, distribution and transfers of securities on a distributed ledger and the opportunity to maintain a blockchain-based share register. By integrating with the Archax exchange, HighCastle will provide our issuers and their shareholders with the additional channel of trading and liquidity.”

Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax, stated,

“The tokenisation of all asset classes globally will not only facilitate bringing liquidity to currently illiquid and hard to trade assets, but ultimately will disrupt all traditional financial markets too. Blockchain brings huge benefits in terms of the improved efficiencies and the difference it will make to the post-trade process will be truly transformational. HighCastle, with its focus on the issuance, distribution and management of digital securities, is perfectly placed to bring the benefits of blockchain to SME firms and funds, and we look forward to working with them as this exciting tokenisation ecosystem gathers momentum.”

Speaking with Graham

We were recently fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete an exclusive interview with Archax CEO, Graham Rodford. In this conversation we learn about, not only Archax, but digital securities overall.

Interview Series – Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax


Founded in 2018, Archax maintains headquarters in London, England. The team at Archax has been ramping up operations as they prepare for an expected launch of their digital securities exchange in late 2019.

CEO, Graham Rodford, currently oversees company operations.


Founded in 2016, Highcastle maintains headquarters in London, England. In the time since their conception, HighCastle has developed a variety of specialized services, meant to facilitate digital securities.

CEO, Philip Millar, currently oversees company operations.

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In Other News

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