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GreyP Scores with NeuFund STO – Black One Entertainment On Deck




GreyP Scores with NeuFund STO - Black One Entertainment On Deck

Mission Successful

On a positive note, issuance platform, NeuFund, has announced the successful completion of a marquee STO being held by GreyP on their platform.

While never intended to be a financially large scale STO, the event was important, as it demonstrated the effectiveness and potential for digital securities to change the way smaller, private companies raise capital.

Just prior to the launch of the STO, we detailed the events which made it possible. In the following article you can learn more about the clearance given to NeuFund by the FMA, and what it means for the platform, moving forward.

NeuFund Preps for GREYP Token Sale upon FMA Clearance

Due, in large part, to their successes, NeuFund continues to see strong growth in their client base. The company indicates that their platform investor pool now totals great than 11 thousand individuals. This growth should result in a snowball effect, as issuers are attracted to the platform due to the scope of investors. More STOs will then draw in more investors – and the cycle continues.

Details of the Raise

With regards to the GreyP STO, there were various positive figures that came out of the events. The following are a few of the details surrounding participation:

  • 1017 participating investors
    • Hailing from 34 different countries
  • €4million raised
    • Represents 179% of the target cap


This early in the developmental stage of the digital securities sector, any successful STO is an important feat. With every positive and negative experience, industry participants can adapt and grow. Recognizing the importance of the GreyP STO, Zoe Adamovicz took the time to comment by stating,

“It’s an exciting day for Neufund and huge step forward for the security tokens industry at large. We have proven that private companies can effectively utilize blockchain IPOs, whilst lowering the barrier to entry for retail investors. Neufund is the future of stock exchanges.”

Speaking with Zoe

Earlier this year, we were able to complete an exclusive interview with the CEO of Neufund – Zoe Adamovicz. In this discussion, we learn more about NeuFund, themselves, as well as the views of Adamovicz herself.

“Blockchain is one of the greatest opportunities we’ve been presented with in modern history. Decentralization is ultimately about equalizing opportunities, so a young entrepreneur from the third world receives the same access as a wealthy investor. Building solutions that perpetuate the mistakes of existing markets solely for the purpose of increasing revenues is not enough. We, as a Blockchain community, can and should do better.”

Interview Series – Zoe Adamovicz, CEO of NeuFund


Operating out of Croatia, GreyP is a tech company, which was founded in 2013. Above all, the team behind GreyP is working to redefine ‘smart mobility’. This technology has led the company to utilize e-bikes as a development platform.

CEO, Mate Rimac, currently oversees company operations.


Maintaining headquarters in Berlin, Germany, NeuFund is a popular digital securities issuance platform, which was founded in 2016.

CEO, Zoe Adamovicz, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

NeuFund has also announced their follow-up to the successful GreyP event. This will see Black One Entertainment look to repeat this success in early 2020. While a firm date has not been announced for this STO, more information can be found in the company’s pitch deck, HERE.

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Securitize Enables Investors to Allocate their Retirement Savings via AltoIRA.




Securitize Completes STO for AltoIRA

The security token issuance platform, Securitize achieved a major milestone for the entire security token community this week. The firm successfully enabled the very first-ever investment into a security token offering (STO) from an individual retirement account (IRA). The news demonstrates further security token adoption by traditional investment firms and a desire by more investors to participate in this expanding sector of finance.

Discussing the important milestone, Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder, and CEO at Securitize explained the overall excitement surrounding the project. He spoke of the importance of facilitating direct IRA investments to open the market. Domingo described how the new strategy provides millions of investors with direct access to new capital connected to the Securitize platform. He also took a moment to touch on what the developments meant for other digital securities issuers.


In order to make this revolutionary concept a reality, Securitize created a strategic partnership with the alternative investment firm – AltoIRA. The firm directly integrating Securitize’s DS Protocol in order to automate the entire process. In this manner, interested parties can directly invest their IRA savings into alternative assets such as security tokens. Notably, the new system is far more cost-effective than traditional IRA investment methods.

Discussing the maneuver, Eric Satz, CEO at AltoIRA explained how “thrilled” his company was to be a part of the first-ever direct investment into digital securities via an IRA. He hopes that the integrations will help investors achieve a truly diversified portfolio moving forward. Lastly, he spoke on the limited market exposure security tokens received to date. Currently, around only 2% of all alternative assets are held within retirement funds such as IRAs and 401ks.

AltoIRA via Homepage - Securitize

AltoIRA via Homepage – Securitize

Part of the reason for this lackluster market penetration is that traditional custodians lack the digital infrastructure to participate in these new markets. Now, AltoIRA users can enjoy access to tokenized private equity, venture capital, and real estate. Also, these users can now invest directly into cryptocurrency from their retirement accounts as well.

CityBlock Capital

For its part, AltoIRA chose to provide investors with access to the CityBlock Capital fund. The venture capital firm CityBlock Capital is best known for its flagship private fund. The fund has a focus on blockchain startups with the overall goal to simplify access to tokenized finance and digital asset trading.

Robert Nance, Managing Partner at CityBlock Capital explained why they choose to utilize the Securitize platform over the competition. He stated that Securitize is a leading solutions provider in the industry. He also spoke on the ability to unlock untapped liquidity via the use of blockchain technology.

Securitize Your Future

Securitize continues to expand the functionality of the entire blockchain sector. You can expect this latest venture to speed up security token adoption in a major way. Now IRA investors have new opportunities to participate in the new age economy as it develops.

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Polymath Integrates Scout’s Data Dashboard




Polymath Integrates Scout Dashboard

The hugely popular security-token issuance platform, Polymath has taken steps to improve its functionality and UX. This week the platform announced the successful integration of Scout’s analytics dashboard. The decision to utilize Scouts proprietary technology showcases  Polymath’s desire to remain a top player in the industry.

According to company documents, Scout’s dashboard will now be available for all Polymath users. The new dashboard provides users with a more effective and easier way to monitor data usage of all ST20 tokens. ST20 tokens are the native token to the Polymath platform.

This system will allow both Polymath employees and users to better predict emerging market trends. In turn, the firm intends to utilize the new functionalities to build better products moving forward. Basically, company executives want to be able to better track security token usage and measure it against industry theories.

Polymath on Issues Fixed by Scout Integration

The new system provides more transparency to the industry. Currently, many investors suffer from a sort of data overload. Providing these users with a more tangible solution for market analysis could prove to be one of the best moves the firm has made to date.


There are so many factors involved in forecasting future trends in the market. Currently, this creates a situation where many investors get lost in a fog of endless data. Unfortunately, this confusion also provides nefarious actors with more opportunities to dupe investors who lack the proper industry insight. Polymath wants to eliminate this confusion so that all investors have the information they need to make well-informed decisions in a timely manner.

Fully Accessible

The Scout dashboard is a fully accessible alternative to the status quo. This unique monitoring and tracking software enables a new level of industry insight that was previously unavailable to investors in the security token sector. Consequently, Scout’s dashboard takes the guess-work out of security token investing.

Scout Dashboard

The Scout dashboard provides users with an impressive amount of data. This data includes items such as the total number of tokens created and whether or not the token is ERC-1400 compliant. Additionally, the system monitors public data displayed on a per security token basis. Here you can find important information such as the daily and weekly transaction volume and token holders’ growth. You also receive notifications whenever there is a change in token supply.

POLY Tokens

The Scout dashboard monitors a huge variety of ERC-20 compliant tokens including POLY tokens. Importantly, the new display data on the Polymath network reserve provides POLY investors with a new level of market analysis. Currently, there are around 462 million POLYs in circulation out of a total supply of 1 billion.

Polymath Scouts out the Future

Whenever an industry leader such as Polymath makes such a significant upgrade it reshapes the landscape of the sector. You can expect to see other tokenization platforms attempt to duplicate Polymath’s strategy moving forward. For now, Polymath continues to be a major force of influence in the market with this latest add-on which is sure to please users and employees alike.

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A Brief Look at the AlphaPoint Token Ecosystem





The AlphaPoint platform provides users with a complete token ecosystem. The fintech firm originally entered the market intending to bring new liquidity via tokenization. Now the platform encompasses a variety of helpful crypto-related tools to help companies and investors further their crypto investment strategy.

AlphaPoint made headlines numerous times last year. The company is one of only a select few that offer both primary issuance and secondary trading solutions to clients. The firm continues to develop its all-inclusive token ecosystem with the final goal to create unmatched enterprise-grade software that makes it easy for companies to play a role in the crypto sector.

Start Your Exchange

AlphaPoint is unique in a couple of key ways. For one, the firm provides users access to digital asset exchange software. This software is a white-label backend solution that removes the technical barriers from firms that want to host their own exchanges. The software allows a company to easily manage the trading of digital assets globally. In this way, the software makes it so that any company can set up and run a crypto exchange.

In a recent report which highlighted the capabilities of AlphaPoint’s new software, developers explained that companies can now trade both traditional cryptocurrencies, as well as, a wide variety of other blockchain-centric assets such as security tokens

Security First – AlphaPoint

Given the history of exchange hacks within the sector, it’s no surprise to see that AlphaPoint put a heavy emphasis on security. The platform incorporates a multitude of systems to keep your crypto safe. A multi-layered architecture along with various other safety protocols provides complete protection for users. Additionally, the software includes full support for KYC, AML, and 2FA.

AlphaPoint via Twitter

AlphaPoint via Twitter

AlphaPoint Remarketer

The AlphaPoint remarketer simplifies the entire crypto investment process. Developers created this feature to allow users to monitor and trade virtual assets across multiple exchanges directly from their AlphaPoint account window. In this manner, AlphaPoint creates a more seamless experience.

Add Liquidity

As part of the firm’s overall strategy to create liquidity in the marketplace, the firm included a built-in foreign exchange converter. This opens up the platform for use by investors across the globe. Consequently, it also brings more liquidity to the market by providing more investors access to the space.

Asset Digitization Software

Tokenization is one of the main features the AlphaPoint platform provides. The system allows enterprise-level users the ability to create tokens easily. These tokens can be from virtually any asset class. Currently, the platform can create security tokens, virtual currencies, or any other form of a digital asset in hours. These digital assets can include commodities, real estate, luxury goods, and shares of a private company.

AlphaPoint Has it All

From the looks of the AlphaPoint token ecosystem, these developers have something unique to bring to the table. The company’s seamless approach to the market creates a more robust and fulfilling investment experience for both token issuers and investors. Moving forward, you can expect to hear a lot more from this camp as the platform’s capabilities expand.

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