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Forex Market Majors Down Further Amid Fiscal Uncertainty




Forex Market Majors Down Further Amid Fiscal Uncertainty
  • EUR/USD at Monthly Low as Fed Remain Hesitant
  • Pound Falls Further on Negative Rates Possibility
  • US Jobless Numbers Drop Lower Again

The EUR/USD continued to fall on Thursday. Hitting its lowest point in one month, the market seems to be heading on a downward trajectory as there was no rush to further stimulus despite a grim economic outlook from the Fed. The GBP also continued to struggle lower on news from the Bank of England that negative rates remain under consideration. In the US meanwhile, although the number of jobless claims fell more than expected, the total still remains challengingly high.

Dollar Strength Returns as Euro Falls

Demand for the US Dollar has rebounded slightly todays as the Euro has continued to slip back against the currency. The pair has now reached its lowest point in a one month period with forex brokers projecting a further battle ahead. This comes in the wake of the FOMC meeting, and comments from chief of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell that although more fiscal support may be needed, nothing in particular seems to be forthcoming from the Fed at this moment.

The Fed reluctance to add any more stimulus, coupled with the poor retail sales figures showcased for August in the US would appear to have pushed those forex trading the markets, back toward the relative safety of the Dollar. Though this may be no bad thing for the struggling Greenback, it leaves the Euro in a tentative position with many already seeing it as largely overbought.

Brexit Trade Hope Balances Struggling Pound

News that the Bank of England are looking into the possibility of setting negative interest rates to stimulate the economy of the UK made sure that Sterling started off the day with added woes. The Pound bounced back slightly though on news that a Brexit trade deal may not be as dead in the water as was previously expected.

Though the EU and UK have both been at loggerheads during the trade negotiations and with no positive resolution in sight, news emerged today that the UK has offered some concessions on fisheries to the EU. This has prompted the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier to say that he still believes a deal can be done. This though, would still appear a long way from certain.

US jobless Claims Slightly Lower Than Expected

Initial unemployment claims continued to trickle down for the last week in the US. Coming in at 860,000 the number of new claims slightly beat estimates, with the number of continuing claims also falling. This number still remains staggeringly high though at 12.6 million.

The general consensus is, that while the numbers are continuing to fall slowly, indicating that more and more people are getting back to work, the numbers remain too high, and falling at too slow a pace to really boost the economy. This is another factor which has backed a push back into the US Dollar as much of the road ahead remains still unknown.


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