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Fluidity Factora to Utilize Dai Stablecoin in Security Token Offering

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Fluidity Factora has announced their intent to tokenize a real estate opportunity in Brooklyn, New York. This property, being called Factor-805, is a 37-unit residential building. It represents one of the first projects to offer fractionalized ownership in U.S. based real estate, through the use of both digital securities and stablecoins.

For those investors that take part in the upcoming STO, a yield of 13.24% is expected upon maturity.


Along with STOs, stablecoins have commonly been noted as a hot trend for 2019 onward. This development further cements that notion. DAI is a stablecoin, representing the hard work of issuer MakerDAO. This stablecoin will allow for the efficient onboarding of investors, in addition to a new avenue for dividend distribution.

The use of a stablecoin like DAI is reminiscent of the BTG Pactual STO, which will see the Gemini stablecoin utilized in much the same manner.


The following are statements from both MakerDAO and Fluidity Factora, regarding the development discussed here today.

Rune Christensen, CEO of MakerDAO, stated,

“FACTOR-805 is a breakthrough. It’s a powerful example of how to unlock more value from investments by bringing real world assets to the blockchain…With Dai, investors get the speed, security and efficiency of a cryptocurrency without the volatility that typically defines the space.”

Todd Lippiatt, CEO of Fluidity Factora, stated,

“We believe in the Dai stablecoin and are pleased to incorporate it specifically into FACTOR-805. MakerDAO is noteworthy in the space for presenting a creative solution to the conundrum of volatility in stablecoins backed by other cryptocurrencies.”


Maker is a Californian company, which was founded in 2014. The company is the issuer of the Ethereum based stablecoin, ‘Dai’. This stablecoin looks to offer its users the stability of a fiat currency, while simultaneously benefiting from the inherent benefits of blockchain technology.

Fluidity Factora

Factora is a newly formed company with a focus on the tokenization of real-world assets. The team looks to achieve this through the use of blockchain technology. Platform developments are overseen by CEO, Todd Lippiatt in their Brooklyn headquarters.

The team states that they are able to offer the services of a broker/dealer, along with providing token issuers a comprehensive suite services to facilitate an STO.

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