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Equisafe to Launch 15 STOs Following AnnA Mansion




Equisafe to Launch 15 STOs Following AnnA Mansion

This week, the digital investment bank Equisafe announced plans to launch 15 STOs in the next 9 months. According to the company's CEO, the firm intends to showcase its tokenization technology across a broad spectrum of assets. The news demonstrates further STO adoption in the EU, as well as, increased positioning of Equisafe in the French market.

Unmatched Efficiency

The Equisafe system streamlines the entire securities issuance process significantly. For example, a usual real estate securities launch could take weeks to configure, with costs approaching €20,000. Equisafe only needed 30 minutes to complete the process for their first STO – the AnnA Mansion.

An Inside Look

In a recent article, the company's CEO and Founder, Bilal El Alamy, spoke on the firm's first security token issuances progress. He described in detail how the Anna Mansion tokenization transpired. Basically, the sale of the property went to a joint-stock company named AnnA. Then Anna registered to the Equisafe blockchain environment as an issuer.

Equisafe CEO Bilal El ALAMY

Equisafe CEO Bilal EL ALAMY via Twitter

Once registered, the firm was able to breakdown the ownership rights of the property into a hundred digitized shares. All shares transferred to the real estate development firm SAPEB Immobilier officially on June 25, 2019.

Equisafe Announces 15 STOs

The AnnA Mansion STO was just the start of Equisafe's tokenization strategy. Notably, the firm announced plans to host 15 STOs over the next 9 months. These STOs will cover the gambit in assets from real estate to tokenized debt equities.

Equisafe Ecosystem

The Equisafe ecosystem allows nearly any asset tokenization capabilities. Once an asset is digitized, it allows for more liquidity. Importantly, tokenized assets are encrypted on Equisafe’s virtual registry and because the protocol lives on the blockchain, its tamper-proof, transparent, and available 24/7.

These tokens remain compliant throughout their lifecycle through the use of smart contracts. These protocols contain all the terms and conditions of purchase. Details including sales and exchange restrictions become part of the core programming of the token. The token holder’s protections are also included in the protocol. These data can include items such as voting rights and dividend payments.

First French Real Estate STO

Equisafe has long been a pioneer in the space. The company secured an important milestone after it became the first firm to host a real estate STO in the country. The STO secured $6.5 million in funding for an iconic piece of French real estate – Anna Mansion.

Speaking on the future of his firm, Alamy explained that his company doesn't look at the size of the company, as much as they evaluate the team, project, and network. He described his company's overall goal to make financial assets available to everyone.

Equisafe a Neo-Digital Investment Bank

Equisafe provides users with a combination of traditional and blockchain-based banking services. The platform provides an infrastructure for the issuance, distribution, and management of security tokens. Additionally, the platform provides a secondary market for private equities.

Equisafe – France – EU Crypto

Today, blockchain technology allows Alamy to make their tokenization vision into reality. Importantly, the firm's positioning places it at the forefront of EU STO development. You can expect to see this company continue to expand alongside the budding STO market.

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