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Due Diligence Process Delays tZERO Investment

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Deadline Missed

Today, tZERO issued a statement to their shareholders, commenting on their ongoing investment by Makara Capital, which we previously detailed.

In this statement, they indicate that while this investment is on-going, further delay is unavoidable. After initially setting a mid-April deadline, the due diligence process is simply more time consuming than initially thought.


In the update, distributed to its shareholders, Patrick Byrne expressed praise for Makara, while commenting on the tenuous nature of the deal and reassuring readers at the same time. The following are a few excerpts from this statement, highlighting these sentiments.

‘Makara’s due diligence has progressed, and in the course of its due diligence Makara has proven to be a professional and serious fund. Still, the parties will not have a definitive deal in place by the mid-April target.’

‘tZERO plans to continue facilitating Makara’s diligence, but is not under any exclusivity with Makara or GSR and has retained advisors to pursue parallel alternatives. We will update shareholders after tZERO signs definitive documents.’

‘Our retail firm is recovering more dramatically than I anticipated and discussed during our Q4 2018 earnings call. In addition, tZERO is on track to introduce the products described in that phone call. Our intense focus on execution is paying off.’

Many Pots

This news may be slightly disheartening, as it represents, not the first, but second hiccup in the investment process. Despite this setback, tZERO has been on a tear over the last year. They are not being held back by this process.

tZERO has their hands in many pots, with endeavours resulting in the launch of a trailblazing secondary market for digital securities. Beyond this, tZERO has seen progress through adoption, and the awarding of patents.


tZERO is a United States based company that was founded by Patrick Byrne. A subsidiary of Overstock, tZERO functions as a platform catering towards the digital securities sector. This is anticipated to be the most promising Security Token Exchange.

Founder, Patrick Byrne, has reiterated his strong belief in digital securities multiple times over the past year. He has gone so far as to shift his entire focus from Overstock to tZERO and its ongoing development. Unmoved by ‘crypto winter’, Patrick Byrne has, in the past, commented to The Wall Street Journal, on the potential of tZERO. He stated, “I don’t care whether tZERO is losing $2 million a month…We think we’ve got cold fusion on the blockchain side.”

In Other News

tZERO is a regular in our news feed, as they have been pivotal in establishing the digital securities sector in its infancy. Below are a few articles detailing past developments pertaining to this impressive and important company.

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