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Digital Assets Monthly Report – September Edition





Staying true to past years, September was a rocky month for crypto-markets.  From China FUD to regulatory crackdowns, there was no shortage of uncertainty within the sector.  Interspersed however was a spat of positive news, pointing to a bright future.

Regulatory Advances and Findings

On the regulatory front, September was highlighted by a continued crackdown on centralized exchanges operating without permission.  Over this time, we saw warnings, sanctions, and suspensions issued to not only Binance, but HTX, and others.

Charges Laid and Warnings Issued as Regulators Crack down on BitConnect, HTX, and More

Coinbase Scraps ‘Lend' Service while Sanctioned

Digital Securities

Securitize remains one of the most promising companies involved with digital securities.  This past month saw the launch of an anticipated secondary marketplace, joining the ranks of INX, tZERO, and MERJ.  Developments such as this are what will allow for lofty expectations surrounding the sector to truly materialize in the coming years.

Quinlan Envisions Bright Future for Digital Securities while Securitize Launches Secondary Marketplace

In the News

How will the Arrival of Smart Contracts Impact Bitcoin

As it stands, Bitcoin is no longer the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency around.  While it benefits from a major ‘first-movers' advantage, competing projects have slowly chipped away at its market dominance over the years through the introduction of smart-contracts and the abilities that come with them.  This narrative is set to change however, as smart-contracts are being introduced to Bitcoin itself.  Here we look at what this means moving forward.  Read More

Top 5 Altcoins to Keep an Eye on Over the Next Three Years

There is Bitcoin, and then there is everything else.  While the former may still be top-dog in the world of crypto, that doesn't mean that there no other potential laden projects.  This opinion piece looks at 5 altcoins which have the ability to make major in-roads into investors’ portfolios in the coming years.  Read More

Thought Leaders

The Best Crypto Investment
As Director of Brand at iTrustCapital, Anthony Bertolino has a unique insight in to which crypto projects holds great potential.  In this opinion piece, he shares a variety of projects which he thinks fit this bill, while breaking down different asset classes.  Read More


Doug Petkanics – CEO & Cofounder of Livepeer

Decentralized video streaming has been a tantalizing idea for a few years now.  In this interview we learn more about what this entails from Livepeer CEO, Doug Petkanics.  Read More

Xochitl Cazador – Head of Ecosystem Growth at Celo

As society becomes increasingly reliant upon smartphones, financial solutions must adapt.  Xochitl Cazador elaborates on how companies like Celo are working to bring this needed mobility to DeFi.  Read More

Around the Web

5 things to know about the Evergrande crisis: A simple breakdown – CNN

The ongoing Evergrande crisis has the potential to upend not only crypto markets, but traditional markets as well.  As such, CNN recently took a look at the situation, highlighting the situation and the potential ensuing fallout.  Read More

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