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DigiMax Enters KorePartners Ecosystem, Growing a Diverse Network

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DigiMax and the Growing Alliance

In a positive announcement from a pair of promising companies, KoreConX announced the entrance of DigiMax into their developing KorePartners Ecosystem.

To date, this ecosystem consists of companies such as IdentityMind Global, IBM, Bellotti Capital, and more.

KorePartner EcoSystem

The KorePartner EcoSystem is a grouping of companies, which has established as strategic partnership with one another. The goal of which, is to provide clientele with access to services culminating in a comprehensive experience when hosting an STO/DSO. Of the various alliance networks available to companies, KorePartner remains one of the most extensive.

Importance of Networking

Those that follow the digital securities sector may have noticed a growing trend involving these types of alliances. The reason for this is that they play an important role in providing clients with an effective and pleasant experience.

While there are select companies in the sector which offer a comprehensive suite of services surrounding STOs and DSOs, most specialize in a select few areas. Companies which take part in alliances such as the Kore Partners program, now have the ability to refer clientele to one another, based on which networking partner offers the most appropriate services.


In announcing the entrance of DigiMax into the KorePartner Ecosystem, representatives from each company took the time to comment.

Chris Carl, CEO of DigiMax, stated,

“We are excited to be joining the KoreConX global ecosystem of KorePartners. The governance standards and charter for how they operate has been defined with a thorough attention to a professional code of ethics and conduct to a level we seldom get to see. When you then complement this high level of governance with their global Digital Securities Protocol managed within their all-in-one platform, joining them as a KorePartner was an easy decision for us to make, since our goal at DigiMax is to also have a global footprint to help our clients.”

Oscar Jofre, CEO of KoreConX, stated,

“DigiMax is a new breed of registered dealers that truly understand how the private capital markets are changing and that for the markets to truly bring value to investors and companies, we must utilize an infrastructure that brings everyone together…We share a common vision of creating a respectable infrastructure for digital securities worldwide to combat fraudulent and irresponsible ICOs and STOs. We are thrilled that DigiMax chose the KoreConX all-in-one platform for their Digital Securities.”


DigiMax is a Toronto, Ontario based company. The team behind this company has developed a series of services tailored towards the facilitation of capital generation events (STOs, DSOs).

DigiMax was recently the recipient of an ‘exempt market dealer’ designation, on behalf of the Ontario Securities Commission. This will allow for the company to issue digital securities on behalf of their clientele, without the need for a prospectus.

CEO, Chris Carl, currently oversees company operations.


KoreConX was founded in 2016, and maintains headquarters in New York. The company offers a variety of services meant to serve the blockchain industry. KoreConX refer to themselves as the ‘World’s first all in one platform for the private capital markets’.

To date, KoreConX has seen positive industry adoption.  This is made evident, as various companies looking to raise capital have turned to them for their services. These include clients such as Libra, MintHealth, PCF Capital, and more.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.