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Corl – Growth Capital on the Blockchain

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What does Corl do?

This is a company aiming to bring balance between investor/entrepreneur relationships.  Corl will provide a means for young companies to raise capital in a new and lucrative way.

Since traditional fundraising is typically limited to established companies well into their development phase, Corl recognized this as an opportunity.  They estimate that over 98% of start-ups looking to raise money are companies with under 20 employees.  Due to their size and age, they are often overlooked by banks, and left un-serviced.  Corl is looking to change this.

How do they do it?

Through the use of a tokenized security, investors in Corl are able to take advantage of revenue-based royalties.  By using blockchain technology, small start-ups seeking capital are able to receive it in a timely fashion.  In addition, they are able to receive more flexible payment terms than traditionally seen.  Tokenization of their product will take form in the shape of the Corl Token (CORL).  This token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and adheres to ERC-20 standards.

One of the most intriguing parts of this model is that entrepreneurs will not need to give away equity within their own company.  The model being employed by relies upon ‘revenue-sharing’.  By utilizing this type of agreement, the goal of both the start-up and the investor (Corl), are more closely aligned.  Each party is incentivized to maximize profit.

Referred to as Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS), this whole process is a simple 3 steps.

  1. Invest in Corl through the purchase of their tokenized securities
  2. Corl provides funding to promising start-ups
  3. Token holders receive dividends from the profits of the start-ups as well as an equity stake in Corl itself.


Those that have invested have access to a custom dashboard provided by Corl.  This dashboard provides real-time access to performance and progress of the Corl family.  Investor participation is limited to oversight of company performance on the dashboard.  The company is structured such that Corl tokens held by public investors are akin to Class-B shares.  This means that although they own equity within the company, and are entitled to dividends, they do not hold any voting rights.  Voting rights are retained by a board, allowing for efficient day-day operations.

Class A

Class B

Held by Management and pre-ITO investorsHeld Publicly by Management and Investors
Each share represents 1 voteNo Right to Vote
Unlimited number of sharesShares limited to 1,000,000,000
Receives Dividends


Who’s the Boss?

The team at Corl has built an impressive list of partnerships to date.  Ranging from Polymath, Taurus Capital, Bounty0x, and many more, Corl is in good company, the progress of  which can be attributed to the team leading the way.

Sam Kawtharani, Co-Founder & CEO

Derek Manuge, Co-Founder & CIO

Robert Bialek, Head of Engineering

Shane McQuillan, Head of Strategy

Stefan Katanic, Growth Manager

Ben Ames, Business Development Manager

Baaba Hughes, Marketing & Community Manager


Make sure to check out their website to apply for early access to the Corl token, as well as apply for funding for you very own project.

To learn details about the project, please view our Corl Token Listing page.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.