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Founded in 2017, RealBlocks is a tokenization platform that specializes in real-estate.  Base in New York, New York, RealBlocks operates under the watch of CEO, Perrin Quarshie.

RealBlocks brings new appeal to investing in real-estate by opening up the possibility of fractionalized ownership.  By removing the need to invest huge sums for total ownership of real-estate, investors are now able to purchase portions of assets, alongside various other investors.  This process lowers barrier to entry greatly, by reducing the amount of capital needed to gain exposure to the asset class.  For example, this process allows for an investor located in Fiji to own 1% of a property in Paris, alongside countless other likeminded investors.

This is all made possible through the use of blockchain technologies.  Blockchain use is needed as it provides various benefits not found elsewhere. Primarily global access, liquidity, and transaction privacy.

RealBlock focuses on non-traded REITs in an effort to provide its clients with the best investment opportunities.

Company Details

Company Name
Envexergy, Inc
Company Type

Contact Details

Business Address
43 W 23rd St. New York, NY 10010, United States
Phone Number




Jan 25, 2019
Seed Round - $3.1M
Aug 15, 2018
Seed Round
Oct 26, 2017
Seed Round
Oct 26, 2017
Conv Note - $120K

Team Members

Name: Perrin Quarshie
Position: Founder & CEO
Name: Matt Grierson
Position: COO & Head of Product
Name: Naman Srivastava
Position: VP of Finance & Analytics
Name: Matt Jago
Position: Marketing Manager
Name: Colin Sheppard
Position: VP of Engineering
Name: Roderick Gill
Position: Analyst


Name: Joseph Stecher
Position: Former MD - Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley
Name: Shawn Golhar
Position: Managing Director, Public Policy at Barclays
Name: Christopher Fraley
Position: CIO, RealtyMogul
Name: Stefan Martinovic
Position: VP Investments, Midwood Investment & Development
Name: Jon Zanoff
Position: Managing Director, Techstars
Name: Fanny Zha
Position: Managing Director, International at Ground Matrix

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