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Preflogic has identified a massive opportunity in the tokenization of trillions in assets.  The opportunity lay in their ability to bring liquidity to the assets, and in the process, un-trap vast stores of wealth.

Preflogic hopes to achieve this goal by facilitating security token offerings.  With a tagline ‘Capital Formation Made Easy’, they describe themselves as an STO ‘Wizard’.

Through use of their platform, clients ranging from individuals, to large corporations, all gain the ability to tokenize assets with minimal cost.  Some examples of assets that have the potential to benefit from this process include Real Estate, Fine Art, and Intellectual Property.

This entire process is made possible through the use of SERC tokens – a smart token which ensures compliance with regulatory standards from a variety of jurisdictions.

Company Details

Company Name
PrefLogic Inc
Company Type
White Paper

Contact Details

Business Address
1416 Sweet Home Road
Suite 9B
Buffalo, NY 14228
United States
Phone Number

Team Members

Name: Chris Corica
Position: CEO
Name: Mike Brennan
Position: COO
Name: Todd Wier
Position: Founder
Name: Bob Stockdale
Position: CTO
Name: Lance Woodson
Position: CIO
Name: Kyle Anderson
Position: Full Stack Developer
Name: Jeff Till
Position: Back-end Developer

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