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Newtown is a company which assumes various roles surrounding the digital securities sector.  Above all, their specialty is as an early-stage venture capital firm.

This had led to the company establishing a portfolio comprised of various  noteworthy projects.  The following are an example of these.

  • Bloomable
  • Flutterwave
  • BitGo
  • SweepSouth
  • numberwi5e

Beyond investing in high-potential companies in emerging sectors, Newtown offers its clients advisory services.  This means providing companies that they have invested in with continual, post-investment support.  This support includes ‘board participation, activity-based monitoring, and coaching'.

The team behind Newtown is comprised of various high profile individuals.  This includes General Partner, Vinny Lingham, who has also founded other projects such as Civic.  Joining Vinny Lingham is Managing Partner Llew Claasen.

Company Details

Company Name
Newtown Partners Proprietary Ltd
Company Type
Proprietary Limited Company

Contact Details

Business Address
1st Floor, The Annex,
2 Energy Lane,
Bridgeways Precinct,
Century City,
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Phone Number
+27 (0)87 802-6464



Team Members

Name: Llew Claasen
Position: Managing Partner
Name: Vinny Lingham
Position: Managing Partner
Name: Sash Lingham
Position: New Business Account Manager
Name: Inge Lok
Position: Marketing & CMO
Name: Justin Swart
Position: Associate
Name: James Kilroe
Position: Technologist, Engineer, Investor
Name: Nicole Watson
Position: Marketing Manager
Name: Kerryn Lloyd
Position: PR, Marketing & Communications Manager

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