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Ledgity aims to be a one-stop-shop for security tokens – both issuer and exchange.  It is an AML and KYC compliant security token platform where approved companies can issue tokens; it is also a secondary market platform (and app) for investors to chat, browse and trade security tokens.

In addition to trading security tokens, Ledgity plans to foster and grow a security token community ecosystem within the app; allowing users to contribute, access accurate information about security tokens, and follow and browse investment opportunities.

Ledgity has based their development off of a simple question – ‘What would the world look like if you were able to exchange value as easily as you share pictures with your smartphone?

Ledgity maintains headquarters in Switzerland, where operations are overseen by CEO and Founder, Pierre-Yves Dittlot.

Company Details

Company Name
Ledgity SA
Company Type
Anonymous Society (Société Anonyme)
Enterprise Identification #
Commercial Registration #

Contact Details

Business Address
Avenue Tissot 2b, Lausanne, Vaud 1006, SWITZERLAND
Phone Number

Team Members

Name: Pierre-Yves Dittlot
Position: Founder & CEO
Name: Garnett Gilchrest
Position: CTO
Name: Sebastien Bonnet
Position: Head of Strategic Development
Name: Michele Dargenio
Position: Digital & Marketing
Name: Mario Rathouis
Position: Development
Name: Olivier Cacciuttolo
Position: Full-stack Web Developer
Name: Faustine Moussé
Position: Graphic Designer
Name: Yanjiao Yang
Position: Chinese Press Relation

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