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Operating out of self-titled ‘blockchain island, Malta, Kintaro Capital is a young company which offers its clients access to a private investment funds.

These funds are available to accredited investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies, and similar assets.  Kintaro believes that there will be an ‘acceleration on business built on decentralized platforms based on coins or tokens'.  Guided by this belief, Kintaro has made it their goal to help not only institutional, but private investors, to profit from burgeoning crypto markets.

The Kintaro portfolio is geared towards the following breakdown.

  • 70% blue chip crypto
  • 10% early stage ICOs and STOs
  • 10% traditional listed equity
  • 10% cash

Due to a noted lack of correlation between traditional markets and digital assets, Kintaro is openly banking on the fact that when the next recession occurs, it will the be the first that investors have access to digital assets as a hedge.

The team behind Kintaro is spearheaded by Founder and Chairman, Dr. Mervyn Maistry.

Company Details

Company Name
Kintaro Capital
Company Type

Contact Details

Business Address
Alpine House
34 Naxxar Road
San Gwann SGN 9032
Phone Number
+49 30 88916700



Team Members

Name: Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry
Position: Managing Director & Founder
Name: Dr. Miguel Vaz
Position: CTO
Name: Flavien Di Michele
Position: Investment Committee & Board
Name: Alexia Farrugia
Position: Investment Committee & Board
Name: Brendan Robertson, CFA
Position: Investment Committee & Board
Name: Lawrence Buttigieg
Position: CEO SGGG Fexserv
Name: Ivan Ripamonti
Position: Head of Research, Operations & Marketing

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