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Jumio wants to keep your identity safe, and authentic.  The goal is to eliminate fraud, protecting not only investors, but SMEs alike.

With this in mind, Jumio has developed a comprehensive service, which offers a variety of services ensuring the veracity of identities.

A few of the services offered by Jumio include,

  • ID Verification
    •  This determines the authenticity of identification documents such as drivers licences
  • Identity Verification
    • This ensures that the person responsible for a transaction, is the person they say they are
  • Document Verification
    • Authenticates a variety of documents, through simple scanning
  • Jumio Authentication
    • Acts to replace two-factor authentication, through the use of biometrically enabled ‘selfies’
  • Screening
    • A combination service which not only verifies ID, but incorporates anti-money-laundering screening

Company operations are overseen by President, Robert E. Prigge.  Operations are headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Company Details

Company Name
Jumio Corp
Company Type

Contact Details

Business Address
268 Lambert Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306, United States
Phone Number




Aug 30, 2016
Venture Round - $15M
Mar 21, 2016
Debt Financing - $3.7M
Apr 1, 2014
Secondary Market
May 1, 2012
Series B - $3.3M
Jan 12, 2012
Series B - $25.5M
Mar 17, 2011
Series A - $6.5M
Sep 22, 2010
Venture Round $1.4M

Team Members

Name: Stephen Stuut
Position: CEO
Name: Robert E. Prigge
Position: President
Name: Colby Moosman
Position: CFO
Name: James Cook
Position: General Counsel and Company Secretary
Name: Labhesh Patel
Position: CTO & Chief Scientist
Name: Philipp Pointner
Position: Chief Product Officer
Name: Miles Hutchinson
Position: Chief Information Security Officer
Name: Ervinna Lim
Position: Vice President, Global Customer Success

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