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Coinstreet Partners


Coinstreet Partners is an experienced company which provides a suite of services built around the growing DLT and Blockchain industries.

Coinstreet Partners breaks down their core services into the following categories.

  • Token Finance Consultancy
  • Digital Asset Tokenization and Exchange Platform
  • Marketing & Events
  • Digital Asset & Wealth Management
  • Investor Relations, PR & Media
  • DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) Solutions

Beyond the services offered firsthand by Coinstreet Partners, the company has established the Coinstreet Alliance.  This is a network of established strategic partnerships.  The purpose of which is to refer clients among one another, taking advantage of each participants specialties.  A few of these companies are as follows.

The leadership team at Coinstreet Partners is comprised of a trio of experienced professionals

  • Chan Heng Fai – Chairman
  • Samson Lee – Founder & CEO
  • Anders Forsberg – President

Coinstreet Partners was founded in 2013, with headquartered in Hong Kong, China.

Company Details

Company Name
Coinstreet Partners

Contact Details

Business Address - Hong Kong
Unit B, 17th Floor, Greatmany Centre,
109-111 Queen’s Road East,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Business Address - Singapore
7 Temasek Boulevard #29-01B,
Suntec Tower One,
Singapore 038987
Business Address - USA
800 Mongomery Lane Suite 210 Bethesda,
MD 20814, United States
Phone Number


Team Members

Name: Mr. Chan Heng Fai
Position: Chairman
Name: Samson Lee
Position: Founder & CEO
Name: Anders Forsberg
Position: President
Name: Neil Staunton
Position: AI & Data Analytics
Name: Floyd DCosta
Position: CEO at STO Global-X


Name: Patrick Schueffel
Position: Previously COO of Saxo Bank
Name: Robert Trapp
Position: CEO of BMI Capital International LLC
Name: Sean Koh
Position: CEO at Koherent Inc.

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