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Blockstream Dives in to Digital Securities through Sale on STOKR





STOKR is back at it, listing another offering on its popular investment platform.  This time it is blockchain oriented Blockstream, which is looking to raise fresh capital for a new venture known as the ‘Blockstream Mining Note’.  When describing its mission, Blockstream states,

“We believe all Bitcoin holders, investors, and businesses should play an active role in mining to help maintain the Bitcoin network's decentralisation. The BMN brings us a step closer to this goal by removing the high entry barriers to mining and expanding participation in Bitcoin’s proof-of-work.”

The Details

In this offering Blockstream is looking to sell digital securities in an effort to raise funds for the expansion of its already established mining services.

Investors which take part in the event will be compensated with tokens (BMN), entitling them to a proportionate share of mining profits after a set term.  Blockstream notes that each BMN token is representative of 2,000 TH/s.  All the while, token holders retain a ‘hands-off’ approach, with Blockstream being responsible for the operational requirements associated with a mining facility.

Overall, Blockstream is looking to raise €12.5M, with each BMN token costing €200,000.


Upon announcing the launch of Blockstream’s DSO through STOKR, representatives from each company took the time to comment.

Arnab Naskar, Cofounder of STOKR, states,

“Blockstream is a leader in Bitcoin protocol and infrastructure development and has been a driving force in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem…At STOKR, we're proud to empower investors in various countries to actively support Blockstream's efforts and take part in its Bitcoin mining activities.”

Dr. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, states,

“The BMN leverages our extensive experience in the Bitcoin mining space and offers investors up-front, fixed rates with improved tradability…By expanding investor participation in Bitcoin's proof-of-work, the BMN also strengthens Bitcoin's security and censorship resistance. It's a win-win.”

Active Offerings

For those intrigued by the idea of an DSO, STOKR has more to offer than the aforementioned event involving Blockstream.  The following are each examples of widely differing companies, actively accessible for investment through STOKR.

Mazzanti Automobili

Looking to raise capital for the ongoing development of its ‘Evantra Millecavalli R’ hypercar, Mazzanti Automobili turned to STOKR.  This event will see the sale of digital securities entitling their holders to a proportionate share of 50% of the revenue from the Evantra Millecavalli R once it goes on sale.

In addition to its DSO, Mazzanti has indicated that moving forward, it will accept Bitcoin as payment for its hypercars.

Infinite Fleet

Already drawing in investments from over 600 investors, Infinite Fleet is a ‘socially-focused MMO sci-fi strategy game’.  Such games have garnered massive attention over the past few years, proving quite lucrative for their developers.  In this instance, investors are entitled to 20% profit sharing.

Funding Round

While another DSO, such as Blockstream, launching on STOKR is promising news for the platform, the company also caught our attention through the completion of its most recent funding round.  With participation from various companies, STOKR was able to generate $4.6 million USD in fresh capital.  Upon doing so, the company indicated that these funds will be used towards the continued scaling of its services, as it works to match increasing demand.