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BlockFi, STOKR, and Pluto Digital Assets Each Complete Successful Funding Rounds

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Money continues to flow in to blockchain based endeavours.  This past week, a trio of companies have each announced successful capital raises, capitalizing on the fervor surrounding the technology.  From digital securities to NFTs, to crypto loans, the following companies are well poised to make waves moving forward.


Capital Raised? $350 million USD

First up is the largest and most impressive announcement – BlockFi, the industry favourite crypto lending platform has just closed out its Series D funding round, bringing in $350 million.  With this most recent round, BlockFi now boasts a valuation of roughly $3 billion – an impressive figure for a company just tapping its potential.

Notably, a $3 billion valuation is a marked increase from only months ago.  In August of 2020, BlockFi raised $50 million at a $450 million valuation in its Series C.

In this latest round the following companies are just a few of those to have taken part.

  • Bain Capital Ventures
  • Pomp Investments
  • Akuna Capital
  • Breyer Capital
  • Valar Ventures


Capital Raised? $4.6 million USD

While BlockFi maintains a firm grip on the crypto lending space, STOKR is looking to do the same with digital securities.  STOKR indicated that it plans to continue scaling its investment platform with the influx of a fresh $4.6 million to meet growing demand.

Tobias Seidl, Cofounder of STOKR, commented on the companys recent successes.

“We bootstrapped STOKR in 2017, when we founders pooled together over €1 million of our own funds…it has been great to see the company grow as we have been able to welcome more ventures and investors to our platform, and the support from our own early investors will help scale up our operations even further.”

Those to have taken part in this round include the following companies.

  • iFinex
  • G1 Ventures
  • Utopia Genesis Foundation

In addition to this successful raise, STOKR recently caught our attention with the announcement of an anticipated DSO being hosted on its platform. Now live, the DSO sees Mazzanti Automobili selling shares in its company, in the form of digital securities.

STOKR notes that it expects to tokenize over $120 million worth of assets in this quarter alone.

Pluto Digital Assets

Capital Raised? $40 million USD

A young company based out of London, Pluto Digital Assets already has its hands full.  Not only is the company ‘curating a private collection’ of wildly popular NFTs, but it has strategically invested in a variety of companies looking to disrupt DeFi.

This particular round was spearheaded by the following,

  • Argo Capital
  • Pires Investments
  • Riverfort Global Opportunities

Atif Yaqub, Pluto Director, commented on the raise,

“This is a period of unprecedented opportunity to fill a void in the London markets, bringing a blend of traditional and crypto venture. We are delighted with the results of the fundraise which was heavily oversubscribed and thank our existing shareholders for their support and welcome our new investors. The funds give us the firepower for an aggressive push to become a leader in decentralised technology investment. We’re already engaged with an epic constellation of projects in the digital assets space and look forward to helping them bring their vision to fruition.”

What is particularly impressive about this capital raise, is the time frame in which it occurred. Pluto Digital Assets itself was only established 50 days prior to the raise.