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Best Copy Trading Platforms



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Best Copy Trading Platforms

Copy trading is one of the easiest ways you can get started in trading a huge number of assets with little or no experience, and also perfect if you have limited time to dedicate to trading.

This form of trading of course allows you to copy the moves of other successful traders and in many cases to do so through automation or with limited involvement. This creates huge convenience but means you have  to completely trust the copy trading platform.

For that reason, we have put together this listing of the very best copy trading platforms you can choose from with top-rated forex brokers.

Best Copy Trading Platforms

XM is an extremely well-respected forex broker with more than a decade of operation under their belt having been started in 2009. They also provide some of the most trusted trading platforms in business if you wish to get started in copy trading.

Both Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are an option with XM if you want to start copy trading. While this may not provide the same level of interactivity as some other dedicated copy trading only platforms, what you can be sure of is a very functional and popular trading platform to apply your copy trades on the more than 1,200 assets offered.

The Metatrader platforms and particularly MT4 provide a highly customizable trading interface that is easy to get to grips with and where you can analyze a huge amount of data with ease through the dozens of tools and indicators already provided. This is one of the key elements that has kept the trading platform at the top of the industry for many years.

You can import strategies from other community sources using the EAs feature of MT4 or simply copy the trading strategies of others yourself directly. Both methods of copy trading are supported and accessible with a low minimum deposit from $100 for a Standard Account.

For more information, you can check out our XM review which is full of details, or directly visit XM.

Best Copy Trading Platforms

AvaTrade is another top-ranked forex broker in Europe and around the world that you can count on for your copy trading needs. They have also been around for more than a decade since starting out in 2006. Copy-trading at AvaTrade is provided by one of the best third-party copy trading platforms in the business, Duplitrade.

What this trading platform provides is an extremely user-friendly environment where you can engage in copy trading with the full support of the broker. Duplitrade is very easy to run as a web trader from within your browser and supports a great deal of features to help you analyze and make copy trading moves with direct access provided to a variety of different trading strategies depending on your risk profile.

The whole copy trading funct ion and operation of the Duplitrade trading platform blends seamlessly with your regular use of AvaTrade and you can get started with a minimum deposit of $2,000 and avail of one of the only brokers to offer fixed spread trading.

To start copy trading with Avatrade and for more information on this top broker, you can check out our full Avatrade review or visit AvaTrade.

Best Copy Trading Platforms

eToro is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the business when it comes to copy trading. This top status is backed not only by their years of experience and trusted regulation in the sector but also through their dedicated focus for such a long period on social and copy trading.

Central to the success of eToro has been its proprietary copy trading platform. This has long been held up as an example of one of the best copy trading platforms available that can make trading extremely easy. The platform itself is web-based and extremely user-friendly thanks to a very user-friendly layout, visuals, and a host of other features.

These features include all the usual trading tools and indicators that you would expect from a top trading platform but include a range of other elements that provide great interactivity and make copy trading simple for new or experienced traders. This includes strictly vetted trader rankings and a wealth of data on all traders that are available for you to copy ensuring that they fit your risk profile and more.

Getting started with eToro is also just as easy. For in-depth details, you can check out our eToro review or visit eToro.

Best Copy Trading Platforms

FXTM is another broker that brings you a wealth of experience when it comes to copy trading. They have been operating around the world since 2011 and offering a dedicated copy trading service for a lot of that time. This service is known as FXTM Invest.

FXTM invest allows you to get involved in copy trading through the trusted and extremely popular MT4 trading platform which itself brings huge experience. You can engage in copy trading on this platform with FXTM for as little as $100 and with multiple options depending on your needs. Copy-trading with the program can be set to automated, semi-auto, or manual depending on how much involvement you would like.

With more than 250 tradable assets to choose from a wide variety of guides and features to help you along the way, FXTM and their copy trading program and platform are popular choices for traders new and experienced. On mobile, you can use the FXTM trader mobile trading platform to engage in the same level of copy trading as facilitated through FXTM Invest on both desktop and web trading platforms.

For more information on all that you can look forward to with the broker, you can take a look at our FXTM review or visit FXTM.

Best Copy Trading Platforms is another great choice if you are looking for a top forex broker for copy trading through a third-party of their own proprietary trading platform. They are fast gaining popularity having been founded in the UK in 2016.

With hundreds of assets to offer there will be no shortage of options for you to engage in copy trading with. What does offer you is the chance to research and link up with some of the best copy trading platforms in the industry that have a partnership with the broker.

Such platforms can include big names like Duplitrade and Zulutrade which can open a world of easily accessible copy trading combined with a host of great trading features and tools to help you along the way. You can also benefit from the very competitive spreads offered at These can start from only 0.6 pips on some assets.

If you need more information, you are always free to check out our review or visit the broker directly yourself to see what they have to offer at

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