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A Month in Review – January 2020

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With 2019 closing out with optimism abound, surrounding digital securities, we fully expect 2020 to be an action packed year.  The month of January hasn’t disappointed.  Over the past few weeks, we have, not only seen multiple tokenization projects announced, but had the pleasure of completing various exclusive interviews.

This edition of ‘The Digital’ looks to shed light on a few key developments, as well as highlight the contributions of various CEOs.


While a common name when discussing Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey recently caught the attention of those involved with a more focused niche – digital securities.  This attention came as his company, Square, was successfully awarded a new patent, describing a new form of payment network; a network which supports digital securities.
Square Awarded Patent for Payment Network Supporting Securities

Series A

Pantera Capital, WisdomTree Investments, and Abu Dhabi Investment Office – These are just a few of the contributing companies to a Series A recently held by Securrency.

With these contributors, Securrency looks to continue the development of their non-specific blockchain framework; the goal of which is to unlock ‘global liquidity’ of digital securities.

Securrency pulls in $17.75M During Successful Series A


In The News

A Continuing Crackdown

In order for the world of blockchain to continue moving in a positive direction, the bad actors within the space need to be identified and removed.  Illegal activity does nothing but paint the nascent technology in a poor light.

The SEC is, perhaps, doing more than any to achieve this purge, and hold industry participants accountable for their actions.  This was made abundantly clear this past month as we were greeted with various developments surrounding fines and warnings being levied by the regulatory body.

In their warning surrounding IEOs, the SEC was very clear on the associated dangers.

The federal laws and regulations governing registered national securities exchanges and ATSs are designed to protect investors and prevent fraudulent and manipulative trading practices. Many online trading platforms may give the misimpression to investors that they are registered or meet the regulatory requirements for a national securities exchange or ATS, and therefore may lack the investor protections that a national securities exchange or an ATS provide to investors.”

Disguises, Fake Identities, and an Illegal ICO – The SEC Looks to Lay Charges

After Months of Silence by ICOBox, the SEC Seeks ‘Default Judgement’ and ‘Permanent Enjoinment’

Ripple XRP Under Increased Scrutiny as a Security

SEC Provides Warning on ‘Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs)’


Luka Gubo, CEO of Blocktrade

In this discussion, Luka Gubo touches on his beginnings during the ‘great financial crisis’, and how this led to the creation of Blocktrade.  He further delves into what Blocktrade is doing to improve European capital markets. Read More

Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency

With Securrency recently closing out a successful Series A, we were able to catch Dan Doney at the perfect time.  This interview touches on, not only products offered, but the importance of their investors, and future plans for Securrency moving forward. Read More

Darius Liu, COO of iSTOX

In this exclusive interview, Darius Liu took the time to share, not only his personal background and experiences, but the philosophies which drive iSTOX.

“We believe that DLT and smart contract technology will open new worlds of possibilities when it comes to how investing works.” Read More


Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) Address Crypto-Assets within Regulatory Framework

A recurring theme surrounding digital securities and blockchain based endeavours involves a perceived lack of clarity on regulation.  Looking to address this, the Canadian Securities Administrators took the time, this past month, to educate the public on how securities law apply to these new forms of assets. Read Here

Around the Web

Smartlands Сooperates with London Strategic Consulting to Assess Digital Securities Space in the UK

Tokenization platform, Smartlands, is a leader within the United Kingdom’s digital securities sector.  The team at Smartlands thought it prudent to gauge the market in an effort to put their best foot forward, going into 2020.  The result was a thorough, and informative, assessment of the sector, spearheaded by consulting firm, ‘London Strategic Consulting’.  Read More

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