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7 Best NFT Projects to Watch in April 2022




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Best NFT Projects

Ever since the NFT sector emerged in early 2021, the demand for non-fungible tokens and collectibles that they offered went sky-high. The adoption progressed at a rapid rate, and the sector suddenly started attracting everyone, from regular people to companies, major retail corporations, celebrities, and more. Soon enough, people started selling pretty much anything as an NFT, including old photographs, tweets, and even historical moments.

As 2021 started approaching its end, however, some assumed that this might mean the end of the NFT hype, but this was not the case. A new trend — the metaverse — did emerge, of course, but instead of taking the attention away from NFTs — it further encouraged users to go after them, as it also relies on their use quite a lot.

This strengthened the NFT trend once again, and so even now, as we enter April 2022, the NFTs are still blowing up throughout the crypto industry. With that said, here are our top 7 suggestions of NFT projects to keep an eye on this April.

1. Ertha

The first on our list is Ertha, which is actually a metaverse project, but we decided to include it here due to the fact that it relies heavily on NFTs. Ertha is a project that offers an exact replica of planet Earth, with the surface of the planet being split into 350,000 equal areas. These areas are called HEXes, and each HEX is tied to an NFT. By purchasing the NFTs, users become the owners of these plots of land, and can start playing the game.

Ertha is a gaming metaverse project that allows users to take on specific roles in order to contribute to their local society. So, some players might become businessmen and lead companies, others could become government officials and lead their country, while some may become soldiers, scholars, and alike.

Depending on their role, users will have to also adopt a specific way of thinking and keep multiple aspects of governing in mind, such as the infrastructure, military, economy, and alike. Ertha has not yet released all of its NFTs, and instead, it is adding support one country at a time, so there is still time for you to pick which location you want your HEX to be in. After that, however, you will only be able to get the HEXes that their current owners decide to sell on NFT markets.

To learn more visit our Investing in Ertha guide.

2. Cereal Club

Moving forward, we have an NFT project called the Cereal Club, which was built on Ethereum’s network. Essentially, it is a collection of algorithmically generatable munchers, and it is really interesting to see how the popularity of this collection continues to grow with every passing day.

The project encourages early purchases by offering a special Cereal Club munchers membership for its first 10,000 club members, who gain access to the Seiko system. Meanwhile, each muncher is, of course, unique, with some detail of the NFT being different from other units. They may have a different bowl, or different colors, charms, types, and alike. The rarity also varies, with some being rather common, while others are extremely rare.

Furthermore, there are some rumors that the NFTs might evolve depending on the type of cereal that it features. This might be a foreshadowing of exciting and innovative new things that might be completely unique to this project and its collection, which is likely why it has grown to be as popular as it is.

3. Alpha Art — Pesky Penguins

In the third spot, we have Pesky Penguins — a well-known NFT collection developed on Solana. It features pixel penguins that can go from very classy ones to very fun ones, which can actually be said for this entire collection.

Animal lovers who have a special appreciation of penguins are likely going to like this project very much, especially since pixelated art has been very popular ever since Minecraft went big and inspired the style. These days, pixelated art can be worth millions of dollars, all thanks to a single video game.

Furthermore, it is firmly believed that pixelated art will not go out of style, since there is something quite charming, and fascinating even about creating art out of tiny dots that make up our screens and monitors. With that said, Pesky Penguins might be a rather good long-term NFT investment as well.

4. Alpha Art — Dape

Another collection on the Alpha Art marketplace that we found quite interesting is called Dape, and it is another NFT based on Solana. Alpha Art is actually quite popular as it doesn’t feature any listing fees at this time, so users from all over the world can list, buy, and sell NFTs.

Now, when it comes to Dape itself, it is a collection that is growing in popularity quite a bit and even becoming a trend of its own. It features ape artwork, but these are not regular apes. In fact, Dape itself is a short form of Degen Ape, and so its apes are actually degenerate apes.

The NFTs feature different backgrounds, eyewear, exclusive clothing, skins, fur, and more. Plus, Dape NFTs are not among the kind that is so expensive, so most users will find these NFTs quite affordable, which is also a good thing for those who are not interested in taking a big investment risk.

5. DeGods

In the fifth spot, we have an experiential NFT collection that is also based on Solana, called DeGods. This is a project where the main goal is to launch a token called DUST, what will provide utility uses for the NFT. It is a rather unique factor, as the DUST token’s distribution will directly depend on burning the NFTs.

Of course, DUST can also be used for buying the NFT, but burning them in order to get DUST is the main use case. Essentially, in the DeGods ecosystem, burning rare DeGods NFTs releases more DUST, while more common NFTs will release fewer tokens. There are also certain tools available to the community, that can be used for finding the best value of goods that users can buy.

It is an interesting and unique project that deserves a second look, although the success of this feature and general approach has yet to be determined.

6. Degen Toonz

Nearing the end of our list, we have an NFT collection called Degen Toonz. This is currently one of the most popular NFT collections that is being talked about all the time in thesector. It is based on Ethereum, but the project has more than 15,000 active Discord members.

The collection features 8,888 NFTs available on OpenSea, all of which are entirely unique, featuring different attributes such as different eyes, clothes, facial features, and even including random gifs. The project owes its popularity to the fact that it awakens nostalgia that many investors feel, as the NFTs make them remember how great the old cartoons were and how simple their lives were at a young age.

All the minters receive Degen Toonz’s exclusive merch, rewards that go up to $50k in ETH, as well as VIP access to the project’s Discord channel, and more. Degen Toonz HODLers also get the right to make private DAO votes, enter the Degen metaverse, and pass to the toon town private club. It is definitely an NFT collection that rewards its holders the most, so if you wish access to all of this and more, definitely consider this one.

7. Lazy Lions

Finally, we have the last collection called The Lazy Lions. The project is sending users on the quest of capturing the world of Web 3.0 and finding the most unique lions, with the desire to have them dominate the NFT world as kings and queens of the jungle. The project’s team has developed over 10,000 unique attributes of Lazy Lions, with each having a unique feature and display.

The NFTs are created via AI, and there are over 160 different possible traits that might end up thrown in the package. The Lazy Lions community is massive, with 140,000 active members on Discord, and more than 5,000 NFT owners. However, the popularity of the project is continuing to grow, so these figures are believed to be only a start. So, if you wish to join the Lazy Lions community, now is the time to do so.


With that, we conclude our list of the top 7 NFT projects to watch in April 2022. As you can see, there is no shortage of very interesting NFT projects and collections, and the interest in them does not seem to be dropping. In fact, with the metaverse trend running alongside the NFT sector, offering galleries for displaying NFTs and even using NFTs heavily itself, we expect that the interest for digital collectibles of this kind might surge even higher in months to come.

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