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5 Best Low Market Cap Altcoins to Watch in January 2022




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What are Digital Assets?

The cryptocurrency is known for its major cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana, Cardano, and, of course, Bitcoin, which is pretty much a synonym for cryptocurrency nowadays. However, buying these massive coins is not going to bring you that much profit unless you have a lot to invest.

They are big, expensive, and at the top of their game, or recovering from major corrections that they took in recent months, but still rather high up. Investing in these coins can definitely bring you gains sooner or later, there is no question about it. However, you might have to wait a long time, and you might not earn as much as you hope to.

Your best alternative is to look towards young, low market cap projects that haven’t yet had their chance to blow up. These coins whose success lies in the future are the best way to go for any aspiring investor, provided that they do their research and decide that these are the coins worth investing in. With that said, we have created a shortlist of 5 low market cap altcoins that we believe could go big at some point in the future.

1. MetaverseX (METAX)

The first on our list is MetaverseX — a project with a $2.9 million large market cap that comes as a decentralized virtual world sandbox building game. As the name suggests, the project is going all in on the metaverse trend, and it picked the right time to do it. While the metaverse did explode in 2021, it is likely that it will be the biggest trend of 2022, offering digital worlds for all kinds of purposes.

MetaverseX itself supports NFTs, just like other projects of this kind, allowing users to create and trade them, as well as to develop games and use NFTs in combination with the play-to-earn model.

The project is only a few months old, emerging in late October 2021, right around the time when the metaverse sector started to explode thanks to Facebook’s announcement that it will rebrand into Meta. Following the announcement, the interest for metaverse skyrocketed so much that METAX price went from $1.9 to $8.6 in only two days. This nearly five-fold price increase was nullified since then, first in a strong correction, and then through a slow and steady price drop caused by the bearish market. However, the project has shown that it has potential to go high, and it might someday become a go-to platform for creating new blockchain games.

This token is available on the exchange.

2. Kalmar (KALM)

Next, we have Kalmar — a crypto project with a $5.1 million large market cap, which aims to provide services in regard to DeFi and NFT sectors of the cryptocurrency industry. DeFi has blown up in mid-2020, while early 2021 allowed the NFT market to go to the moon, attracting artists, gamers, companies, art galleries, celebrities, investors, and pretty much everyone else who heard about it.

Kalmar emerged in late May 2021, aiming to act as a decentralized bank powered by both DeFi and NFT markets. Its goal is to combine the best of DeFi protocols, and to fuel these features with “pure fun.” The project uses its native token, KALM, to fuel the platform, and also to provide incentivization for DeFi protocols, support gamification mechanics benefits, and also platform governance.

The project certainly offers plenty of opportunities, so it might be worth looking into it for anyone seeking to find DeFi and NFTs as part of the same system.

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3. UniLayer (LAYER)

In the third spot, there is UniLayer — a project with a market cap just above $6.1 million. Launched in August 2020, this one is a bit older than the others on this list, and it already displayed its potential for growth. The project went from its starting price of $0.28 to an all-time high at nearly $4, which it reached in May 2021.

Since then, strong crypto market volatility and market-wide crashes caused it to drop down to its starting price, but that doesn’t mean that it lost any of its potential. The coin was listed on many major exchanges, and it claims to be the next-gen decentralized trading platform built on top of Uniswap.

The platform enables key features for professional trading thanks to its LAYER token. Other than that, its focus is on automated swaps, flash staking, liquidity management, charts and analytics, live order books, and many other DeFi functionalities and features. With DeFi still going strong, this project might as well be just another undiscovered gem, so even if you don’t plan to invest in its token, definitely keep a close eye to what is going on with it.

This token is available on the exchange or on the KuCoin exchange.

4. CryptoPlanes (CPAN)

Ranking a bit higher on the list of the largest cryptocurrencies, we have CryptoPlanes, which has a market cap of $7.5 million. The project was launched in mid-October 2021, so it is another that is fairly new to the game. Since then, it went from $0.69, which was its starting price, to an ATH at $6.5. Once again, the market volatility cut its progression short, and at the time of writing, the coin sits at $0.48.

However, given that this is an ambitious metaverse project, it may very well make a major comeback at some point in the future. The project comes as an expansion of the CryptoCity metaverse, to be precise, and it is a place where the famous NFT racing game, CryptoCars, was originally founded.

CryptoPlanes brings new experiences, beautiful planes that come in the form of NFTs, as well as exciting game modes. So, if you saw CryptoCity and liked what you see, then this project is definitely going to be something that you should keep an eye on.

This token is available on the exchange.

5. ArtWallet (1ART)

The last on the list is ArtWallet, which is the highest-ranking on our list, with a market cap of $18.7 million. This project saw its largest price surge immediately after launch, when it hit $0.7, even managing to go slightly beyond this level. It is a young project that also launched in October 2021, and it saw a very turbulent, volatile start. However, in the months that followed, its price became a lot calmer and more stable. The project is still governed by market trends, but in the meantime, it is fairly stable, overall.

ArtWallet’s goal is to be the ultimate wallet for NFT owners, as it enables users to store, manage, distribute, and discover NFTs. That includes any sort of NFT, from digital art and collectibles, to metaverse game items. It also incorporates native cross-chain support, especially when it comes to NFT bridges between different chains.

So, we have a wallet that deals in NFTs and pursues interoperability, which definitely sounds like all the things that the crypto industry will be focusing on in the foreseeable future. With that said, this project might have the most potential of all of the listed ones, but we will let you be the judge of that.

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The cryptocurrency industry is full of opportunities if you know where to look. Major coins that lead the industry right now are fairly safe investments — or as safe as they can be, given the fact that they are volatile cryptocurrencies. But, if you are someone who likes to take risks in exchange for potentially high rewards, the real opportunities lie in the coins that have yet to be “discovered” by the community.

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