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Uniti – Designed in Sweden, built for the world




Who is Uniti?

Uniti is an EV (Electric Vehicle) company based out of Sweden.  They were founded in 2015, stemming from a research project at Lund University.

The project has since stemmed into a full-fledged company with a working prototype of their upcoming EV.  Known as the Uniti One, this EV has managed to successfully raise over $60 million to date.

What is the problem?

With the human population exploding, so is the number of vehicles on our roads.  Each of these vehicles contribute a small amount of pollution, playing a major role in Climate change.

Current vehicle designs are also becoming obsolete.  With many of the world’s city centers becoming overpopulated, combustion engines are falling out of favour.  Firstly, due to the pollution they contribute to the confined geographical areas, and also due to their inefficiency and noise.

While the world has long dreamt of a solution in the form of hydrogen or electric vehicles, the public is only now being presented with viable solutions.

How will Uniti solve it?

Uniti is fully aware of these problems, and over the last 3 years have been developing a vehicle that can play a role in alleviating the issues at hand.

Uniti One is the name of their flagship product.  This is a small, sleek, electric vehicle.  As their tagline for this product suggests, this vehicle is designed with a broad audience in mind – ‘designed in Sweden, built for the world’.  This vehicle will provide the range needed for those that require it, while still retaining a small stature.  This will allow the vehicle to appeal to both in-city, and out-of-city drivers.

After making a splash at the 2018 Auto Expo in India, Uniti has revealed plans for multiple vehicles in the coming years.  While the Uniti One is a two seater that will launch in 2019, the will also be offering a 5 seater in 2020.

To fund their continued development of not only their 2 seater, 5 seater, and future products, Uniti is taking part in an STO.  Hosted by listings platform Neufund, Uniti will distribute security tokens to interested investors.

Being a forward thinking company, it isn’t surprising that they should turn to the next-gen means of fund-raising.  Investors that take part in the distribution event will benefit from the liquidity and flexibility that security tokens afford.  Meanwhile Uniti will benefit from a more diverse, and deep pool of investors.


While the team at Uniti totals over 45 members, here are a few of those leading the way.

Lewis Horne – CEO

Florian Schiewald – CFO

Robin Eriksson – CMO

Whats Next?

Drawing appeal to their project, Uniti has opened up orders for their Uniti One with a fully refundable deposit.  Uniti is hoping that this no-risk commitment to the company will generate buzz and interest in their product.  To date, this tactic is working, with the company already drumming up over $60 million in presales.

For those interested in the project, you can receive company information from Uniti.  Here the company indicates that they are actively working on their whitepaper, and that it should soon be released.

Uniti One - First Outdoor Drive

Uniti is situated in Lund, Sweden, and can be reached at the information below.


Address – Uniti Sweden AB, Arkivgatan 3, 224 60 Lund, Sweden

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